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Change Log

23.04.2024 v4.1.3

Z-Station Z-Wave & Zigbee/Thread/Matter support
Zigbee devices support

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Zigbee: add support for CC Temperature-, Pressure-, RelativeHumidity- Measurement, OccupancySensor
 - Cleanup vDevs in the profile
 - OpenWeather app
  * if wingust will not be reported the value will be set to windspeed to avoid an empty value
  * added "minutes" to label of refresh rate
  * app descriptions and https
  * added devices for using in automation
  * changed options to pulldown
  * added option for wind speed units
  * added option for refresh selection
  * added option for create temp/hum devices
  * added option for create wind devices
 - Ignore ZBee in backup/restore
 - Update postfix.json (Philio PAN04, PAN06)

== Smart Home UI ==

- Fixed return to expert mode after logout
- Fixed 'ask pin' checkbox for shortcuts

== Expert UI ==

- Update language files

== Zigxpert UI ==

- Update Cluster OccupancySensing

== Z-Bee ==

New features:
 - Added DH rssi and lqi as hidden flags
 - Some Tuya devices added
 - New Clusters: WindowCovering, Thermostat, ThermostatUserInterface, IlluminanceMeasurement, TemperatureMeasurement, RelativeHumidityMeasurement, PressureMeasurement, PowerConfiguration, Meter, ElectricalMeasurement
 - Report configuration in all clusters
 - Added zbee_ef_set_radio_channel
 - Add injection function of EZSP raw packets
 - Disable joining new devices after finishing interview
 - Ignore failure of setConfigurationValue(0x01, 0x00FF) during stick stack configuring (not supported in new SDK)
 - Rework of all clusters
 - Rework of attributes handling
 - Fix of ColorControl methods
 - Fix of types

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added zway_controller_firmware_upgrade
 - Added zway_fc_serial_api_setup_get_tx_power

18.10.2023 v4.1.2

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Support for Zigbee clusters OnOff, LevelControl, ColorControl, IasZone and OccupancySensing
 - Added Zigbee support to SwitchControlGenerator
 - Allow custom IP reported from localIP.json file
 - Reworked technology/bindingName/nodeId attributes of vDevs in Z-Wave/Zigbee/EnOcean/ImportRemoteHA/SwitchControlGenerator
 - defaultConfigs updated, NotificationFiltering and NotificationEmail added
 - Add Battery notifications to inbound notification
 - Be more verbose in ImportHA
 - Fixed double restart on exception
 - Fixes in Zigbee app
 - Fixed ZWave.prototype.applyPostfix error
 - Fixed firmware-fault report
 - Fixed wipeOut handler
 - Typo in getMACAddress
 - Update postfix.json

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Add CO/CO2 alarms to Hazard Protection Fire sensors
- Added CO2 icon
- Fixed shortcut Ask PIN checkbox

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Added RequestCount to the queue

== Zigxpert UI ==

New features:
- Added and improved Expert Commands
- Clicking on a cluster (in Zigbee) opens the channel data
- Last communication title
- Fix queue monitor

== Z-Bee ==

New features:
 - Add Public function Force Remove in CC MgmtLeave

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Replay Get if Report not received
 - Prioratize Nonce Report and all S2 commands while inclusion interview is in process
 - Added zway_cc_firmware_update_abandon
 - Added longer Wakeup period for devices with WakeupOnDemand support (Supervision V2)
 - Added zway_controller_remove_failed_node API call
 - Fixed ThermostatSetPoint for case of min==max
 - Indicator interview fixed
 - Fixed LR flag
 - XML_PARSE_RECOVER added to safely recover corrupted files
 - More logs and warnings in Device Data XML tranlsation and opening
 - Made validate_utf8 static

19.07.2023 v4.1.1

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Zigbee DoorLock support
 - Rework of SmartStart UI
 - HomeKit: Added Battery Service
 - Fix missing flood sensor icon
 - Fix probeType for motion
 - Update postfix.json for FGS-213
 - Fixed firmware update of Nth chip
 - DummyDevice parseInt fix
 - Set device isFailed based on lastCommunication value
 - Correct logging of Notification channel not assigned to a user
 - Fixed WB config to use Native module
 - Fixed thermostat getCurrentTemperature

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Full rework of Smart Start inclusion section
- Add CO/CO2 alarms to Hazard Automation (thanks to mmiller42)
- Search for first active app, not just first
- Replace buttons with links to expert interface
- Sort locations
- Hide mobile app block in mobile app
- Increase the size of input fields

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Extended queue for debugging (in debug mode)
- Added mapControllerInstanceToRoot parameter
- Fix queue monitor

== Zigxpert UI ==

New features:
- Added and improved Expert Commands
- Clicking on a cluster (in Zigbee) opens the channel data
- Last communication title
- Fix queue monitor

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Java wrapper for libzway. See for more info
 - Added mapControllerInstanceToRoot to fix old devices reporting to channels > 0
 - Fixed queue hang non-restarting encapsulated jobs
 - Z-Wave made internal functions static
 - Updates of HomeKit version and category identifier
 - Fixed upper boundary in walk thru channel
API changes:
 - New zdata_touch API to call DHs callbacks an optinally update updateTime
 - New zdata_get_parent
 - EnOcean internal functions made with static
 - EnOcean added ZE prefix to public variables

02.05.2023 v4.1.0

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Zigbee support added wit Z-Wave.Me hardware
 - MQTT: switchRGBW support
 - Add Battery notifications to inbound notification
 - Allow custom IP reported from localIP.json file
 - Fixed double restart on exception
 - Fixed firmware-fault report
 - Fixed wipeOut handler
 - registerNotificationChannel parseInt(user)
 - Typo in getMACAddress
 - Be more verbose in ImportHA
 - Heating App: Don't set the temperature if it is not defined
 - Postfix for Thermostat fixed

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Zigbee support with Z-Wave.Me hardware
- Scientific format is shown on widgets for negative numbers
- Deprecated RF433 app

== Expert UI ==

- Improved Route Map annotation

== Zigxpert UI ==
- Initial release

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added custom headers support to WebSocket to allow connect with Authorization Bearer token
 - http.request support for HTTP PATCH method
 - Zigbee support with Z-Bee library (like Z-Way, but for Zigbee). Requires Z-Wave.Me hardware
 - Use known keys from scanned DSKs on S2 inclusion (even if not via Smart Start)
 - Added ZBW to the Ubuntu build
 - secureAllCCs added to device DH tree to allow per-device handling of SecureAllCCs value from Defaults.xml
 - Mark Hail as supported even if only controlled
 - Firmware Upgrade:
 -   Rename firmware%d to firmwareId%d in FirmwareUpdate DH tree
 -   Reduce FragmentSize to 20 bytes to stop fragmentation of TS(S2(FW)) packets.
API changes:
 - Added ZDDX transformation in Z-Way and removed z-cfg-update tool
 - Fixed replay of last job on Application Status Busy
 - ThermostatSetPoint invalidate only subtree elements and not the full subtree
 - Fixed Socket DNS resolver
 - Fixed check of highest security key on incoming Set command
 - Added Ubuntu & RPi deb package dependencies
 - Improved XML and JSON checks on build
 - Defaults.xml and factory default config.json updated
 - Configuration invalidating DHs on Get.
 - Workaround wrong data type with empty data in Entry Control CC

05.03.2023 v4.0.3

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Notifications can now include device properties and status (via )
- Don't gzip index.hml and config.js

== Expert UI ==

- Don't gzip index.hml and config.js
- Fixed unsecure/S0/S2 status
- Remove old code and .map files

== Home Automation ==

 - MQTT: switchRGBW support
 - Add Battery notifications to inbound notification
 - Fixed firmware-fault report
 - Fixed wipeOut handler
 - registerNotificationChannel parseInt(user)
 - Typo in getMACAddress
 - Be more verbose in ImportHA
 - Heating App: Don't set the temperature if it is not defined

== Z-Way ==

 - Fix of crash on pointer release while V8 GC is working in different threads
 - Increase time in RequestNodeNeighbourUpdate first callback to fix SiLabs bug with too slow report on this callback
 - Configuration workaround the last param with next param = current param
 - Fixed Configuration Name/Description Report append to the previous. Invalidating DHs on Get.
 - Application Busy repeat correct job
 - Fixed firmware stack report
 - Allow incoming S0 commands when included in another network and S0 keys is granted
 - Incoming unsecure Basic allowed only if the appropriate mapping is present
 - MultiChannel dynamic EP support
 - Improved Alarm interview
 - Add to ignore AGI rules
API changes:
 - Added zway_device_delay_communication API call

22.12.2022 v4.0.2

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Allow  in Notification Filtering
 - Add URL to the HTTP error message
 - Security restore mode

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Notifications can now include device properties and status (via )
- Exclude index.html and config.js from .gz archiving

== Expert UI ==

- Don't gzip index.hml and config.js
- Fixed unsecure/S0/S2 status
- Remove old code and .map files
- Add S0 notification

== Z-Way ==

 - Supervision better error handling
 - Reworked Version interview to support Security S0/S2 failed interview
 - Added to Ubuntu and -L flag for lib logs colorization (also for HA add-on)
API changes:
 - Fixed Schedule Entry Lock Set prototype - added modifyErase
 - Added zdata_is_valid(dh) function

24.11.2022 v4.0.1

== Home Automation ==

 - Update postfix.json

== Smart Home UI ==

 - Fixed security initerview

== Expert UI ==

 - Fixed secure inclusion

== Z-Way ==

 - Fixed SensorBinary max sensor type
 - Fixed SensorMultilevel max sensor type
 - Infinite loop on MultiCmd when only one packet fits
 - Transport Service Complete send
 - Crash on MultiCmd try
 - UserCode Get(255)
 - Windows build
 - z-cfg-update build

01.11.2022 v4.0.0

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Full rework of Notification (Alarm) CC widgets: state events produces widgets, stateless produce hidden toggleButton
 - Dummy device:
  - Added Door lock, Blinds, Siren and Water valve to Dummy device
 - User can generate access tokens now (for easy API integrations)
 - Postfix handling:
  - vDev creation based on Configuration parameter with configVDev keyword
  - vDev based on Notification Status
  - Window Tilt pre-creation
 - Added uuid, serial and mac fields to /system/info and /system/first-access API calls
 - New API /encryptionKeys for S0/S2 key extraction (for Zniffer and PC Controller)
 - Notification: improved icons
 - Notification: Added support of eventParameter for Idle
 - Allow disable packet log for slow systems: allow track & save, track only, disable (for slow hardware)
 - Home name and Remote ID added to push messages
 - Better e-mail description on device trigger
 - HomeKitGate 2.2.2
  - automaticaly add/remove Permanently Hidden devices
  - minor fixes
 - Added self.trigger in Easy Scripting
 - AutoLock: minor
 - Security app: arming/disarming schedule and many minor fixes
 - Don't start paused instances after restore
 - New users can set night_mode correctly
 - Fixed profilesByDevice to also list devices in allows room
 - Fix duplicates of Door and AC Alarms
 - Fixed defered save (produced crashes on slow hardware)
 - Set timezone
 - Remove SoundSwitch Mute vDev on device deletion
 - Fix error on logout for local user
 - Fixed default .syscommands on Linux
 - Fix RGB color set
 - Fixed DeviceHistory check period
 - Added meter events in notifications

== Smart Home Lite UI ==

First UI beta release

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Smart Start, QR scanning and manage of the DSK list
- Added Shortcuts for SwitchBinary, SwitchMultilevel and Door lock for Android (on the device settings page)
- Users can generate API access tokens now (to use in integrations)
- Faster UI load
- UI improvements
- Correct display of arming status
- Interview timer fixed
- Improved work with two or more Z-Wave hardware
- Time in events
- Thermostat on/off icon

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Autogenerated Configuration > Configuration tag based on CC Configuration V3 interview
- Better Expert commands tab view with API commands helpers for easier intergration in your projects
- New dataholder editor to make Command Class parameters easily tunable from the UI
- Added button to download S0/S2 keys required for Zniffer
- Adopted to the new structure of Notification (Alarm) CC
- Faster load of the UI: update grunt plugins, add babel loader, add gzip compression
- Button to load new features in RaZberry 7
- S2 DSK QR-code
- Always allow plain and zero channel association

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Z-Wave Long Range support (currently only for US, requires RaZberry 7 firmware 7.28 and upper)
 - Incoming policy fully reworked to be more secure (backward support of old devices with acceptSetSecurityLevel and acceptReportSecurityLevel dataholders)
 - Better structure of Alarm/Notification dataholders
 - FreeBSD support (library only, upon request)
 - New publicKeyKnownPIN dataholder shows PIN suggestion based on previous inclusion
 - On S2AutoInclusion with pin=0 use publicKeyKnownPIN by default
 - Use SecureAllCCs by default to always use encryption even if the remote allows unsecure communication
 - ZDDX Guess XML works faster
 - Added mapBasicSetToSpecificReport dataholder to device to interpret incoming Basic Set as a Report (for old devices)
 - Support of Transport Service for sending fragmented packets (for large packets)
 - Added retain field to MQTT Publish
 - Updated z-way-test project
 - Webserver can now server .gz files if they are found on the filesystem
New Command Classes support:
 - Added ThermostatSetBack CC
 - Added hail dataholder in Hail CC
 - Added Setter CC on channels
API changes:
 - Node IDs are now using ZWNODE type (for Long Range support)
 - New Alarm/Notification dataholder format: data[notificationTypeId][eventTypeId].status
 - Added installerIcon to Added manufacturerId, manufacturerProductType, manufacturerProductId, applicationMajor, applicationMinor, installerIcon to the controller device
 - Added precision and intVal to SensorMultilevel, Meter and ThermostatSetpoint
 - Added S2AuthenticatedLR and S2AccessLR network keys
 - Ask delayedGet if Supervision Report was lost or skipped due to multicast or bit-addressing
 - Don't set keepAwake on load
 - Fixed Configuration V3 params set
 - Fixed Alarm Set
 - Fixed EntryControl interview
 - Fixed TZ set
 - Fixed Supervision wait on SUCCESS
 - Fixed ZDDX and for python3, switch to ZME servers only
 - Force interview now requests NIF before starting the interview if empty
 - Handle suprevised MultiCmd responses
 - Improved rounding in SensorMultilevel conversion
 - Removed mapping from Central Scene to controller (not needed)

02.04.2022 v3.2.3

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - API for local token generation
 - Allow disable packet log for slow systems or big networks
 - Added uuid, serial and mac fields to /system/info and /system/first-access API calls
 - HomeKitGate setting to allow remove phantom devices
 - HomeKitGate 2.2.2
 - More commands available in EasyScripting
 - localGMT for getTime API
 - More events on Websoket API (profile and room changes/remove)
 - Error on logout for local user
 - Security app fixes
 - Fixed default .syscommands on Linux
 - EasyScripting description fix
 - SwithcControlGenerator problem with Basic
 - Z-Wave binding stop abort on exception inside controller.device.remove
 - RGB color set
 - Remote Z-Way (ImportHA) RGBW control
 - Don't set Time to itself
 - Fixed DeviceHistory app
 - Postfixes:
  - Philio PAT13 Temperature Sensor postfix AutoOff on the Alarm button, set Alarm On
  - Tion 4S

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Generate new API token for the selected user from the admin interface
- Adopted to the new secureInclusion DH
- Time zone is correctly taken into account in events and devices
- Time zone is displayed correctly on the settings page
- Security app fixes
- Management page load error
- Sort order in manage devices (setup order by id)

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Button to select all security keys
- Save PIN code from previous inclusions to suggest on re-inclusion
- Secure/unsecure inclusion toggle now have option for S2/unsecure (to exclude S0)
- US Long Range requency
- Packet statistics reset button
- Rework of inclusion messages
- Routemap fixes
- Packets statistics page
- Disable Learn mode if SIS and has devices
- Fix empty configuration page if xml file does not exist

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added full reset feature for Raspberry OS
 - secureInclusion changed from boolean to 0 (Unsecure), 1 (S2 only), 2 (S0 and S2) integer
 - Added overrideDefaultDuration to SwitchBinary, SwitchMultilevel, SwitchColor to override the device default value
 - Allow maxNum in MultiCmd to be equal to 1 to disable MultiCmd
 - Added duration in SwitchColor and SwitchBinary
 - Save entered PIN codes to suggest them on re-inclusion
New Command Classes support:
 - DoorLock v4. Big change in DoorLock C/JS API and DataHolders
 - Indicator v4
 - UserCode v2
 - Configuration v4 control
 - Configuration v2 Bulk mode support
 - ThemostatMode v3 Manufacturer Specific added and refactored
 - EntryControl v1
 - FirmwareUpdate v7
API changes:
 - Update parent DH on child DH removal
 - Doorlock commands and DH API changed
Z-Wave Certification fixes:
 - Multicast temp fix for 7th gen (bug in SiLabs SDK)
 - Fixed SoundSwitch interview and tone duration LE/BE
 - Always allow Basic CC in AGI check
 - Fixed RSSI value to string function
 - Certification rules on NIF: MultiCmd, ApplicationStatus, Time, InclusionController should be in normal NIF if supported
 - Allow unsecure incoming Basic commands even if not in NIF
 - Fixed keys regeneration when including as inclusion controller
 - Start interview on all devices if Z-Way becomes SIS
 - Fixed S2/S0 interview when no keys were granted to Z-Way.
 - Fixed highest keys granted function
 - Fixed Security SchemeGet timeout interval
 - Fixed crash on S2 timers fire after reset
 - Fixed Security S0 Supported Commands Report when S2 is negociated (should return empty list)
 - Fixed crash on job queueing failure
 - CL:0084. don't set Wakeup if inclusion or secondary
 - TransportService SegmentComplete should be queued before the encapsulated command reply
 - Changed Set Learn Mode timeout to 30 to switch to NWI
 - MultiCmd will not mix together Get and Set/Report
 - Make additional Version Command Class Get for CCs that are in channels but are not present in root
 - Fixed SoundSwitch interview
 - Fixed MeterTable zero termination
 - Fixed crash on too small packet size
 - Added Application Status Reject Request
 - Don't wait for reply on Application Status Rejected
 - Fixed mapping of Basic to Switch Binary and Sensor Binary
 - Fixed bug in delayed ThermostatMode report
 - A/MCA/AGI - not assigns Z-Way to all Reporting groups, not only LifeLine
 - Update controller / supported CCs list for certification
 - Full rework of incoming security policy
 - Don't accept Reports on security level lower than supported by the device (if not unsecure in NIF)
 - For Wakeup v1 the Get is mandatory after Set. CL:0084.
 - Read Z-Wave Plus Info version for ZWavePlusInfo Report
 - Supervision returns NotSupported on unknown CC or CC denied by policy

29.11.2021 v3.2.2

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Websocket API improved. Now requires same token as for HTTP API
 - Full rework of Security module
  - Added Entrance group to allow delay for some sensors on armin and disarming
  - Added support for scenes and buttons for arm/disarm/clear by button
  - Added Arm condition and Arm failure action to allow checks for sensor state before arming
 - Added ClearPacketLog ZWaveAPI
 - Added duplicate field in packet log
 - MQTTClient
  - Added door lock support
  - Added automatic re-connection
  - Thermostats are now float, not integer
 - Added Clock.Set() and TimeParameter.Set() daily at night to keep device at home synchronized
 - Save defered saveObjects on Automation stop
 - Fixed missing third (immediate) parameter in saveObject
 - Fixed homekit-skip being ignored after restart
 - Fixed bug in HomeKit with wipeout
 - Fixed bug with addTags not notifying subscribers
 - Fixed Secure thermostat and Vitrum switches support
 - Fix local user devices list

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- Full rework of Security module
  - Added Entrance group to allow delay for some sensors on armin and disarming
  - Added support for scenes and buttons for arm/disarm/clear by button
  - Added Arm condition and Arm failure action to allow checks for sensor state before arming
  - Handles deleted devices correctly
- For value less one show 3 significant digits
- Add remoteAccess && CloudBackup checkbox on first access screen
- Rules: fix incorrect value for else rule for switchMultilevel devices

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Added new Packets Statistics page
- Added new Signal strength page
- Add reset button on route map page
- Move route map to analytics
- UserCode v2, Indicator v4, Alarm v1/v2+, SwitchColor, DefaultReset, SwitchBinary Expert Commands UI fixed
- Fixed web icon for LR

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added Websocket API
 - Support for Debian/Raspbian bullseye
 - Removed dependency from broken
 - Delayed reports for Z-Wave Plus devices with no Supervision support
 - Fixed bug in realloc
 - Fixed missing ZDDX
 - add option for correctly reconnect withuot tls cert
 - add LogEnable() to MQTT
 - Fixed Generic Profile commands wrong state sent

15.09.2021 v3.2.1

== Home Automation ==

 - Fixed missing third (immediate) parameter in saveObject
 - Fixed bug in HomeKit with wipeout
 - Fix local user devices list

== Smart Home UI ==

- Add missing doorlock in rules
- Fixed rules page
- Fixed icons

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Added automatical update of statistics, clear fixed
- Added background RSSI page
- In the Association tab, if a node is added, allow adding another channel to the same group

24.08.2021 v3.2.0

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - New MQTTClient app for exporting all devices to MQTT
 - Added devices.wipedOut event
 - Added manufacturer, product and firmware fields to vDev
 - Added Appliance and Water Valve Notification types
 - Adopted to new WebServer API with WebSocket Auth handler and new ws.push parameter with list of IDs to be notified with the event
 - Added lazy write in saveObject function to save SD card and improve engine speed
 - Full rework of applyPostfix to boost load process
 - HomeKit:
  * Full rework to fix rooms mix-up on Z-Wave app restart
  * Made PIN static acoss restarts
  * Added manufacturer, product and firmware information
 - Security app:
  * Disarm now works at any time, even if the sensor has triggered
 - Added listing of directory in modulemedia API
 - Improved speed with instead of new Date().getTime() and new Date().valueOf()
 - Removed test ws.push for incomingPacket (improved engine speed)
 - Adopted the new lastExcludedDevice DH for proper cleanup on exclusion, zeno.unregister().
 - Improved EnOcean.prototype.dataBind (like ZWave.prototype.dataBind).
 - Fixed EasyScripting app UI slowdown
 - EnOcean devices do not re-appear with same name and in same room after being added back.
 - Fixed GetStatisticsData Z-Wave API and added ClearStatisticsData API.

== Smart Home UI ==

- Updated highlite.js to fix slow EasyScripting
- EnOcean devices do not re-appear with same name and in same room after being added back.
- Fixed missing rules actions for doorlocks

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Added support of RaZberry 7 and RaZberry 7 Pro
- Added support for Long Range

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added support for RaZberry 7 and RaZberry 7 Pro
 - Added native MQTT module based on libmosquitto
 - Added (set for Z-Wave Plus devices by default) not to make a useless Get after Set. A delayed Get is sent if Report is not received. This minimizes netwrok traffic.
 - Don't poll SwitchMultilevel again on unsolicited report to minimize netwrok traffic
 - Discard duplicate Z-Wave packets to lower CPU load and improve handling speed
 - New Websocket API on :8083
 - Fixed HomeKit rooms mix-up and doorlock issues
 - Fixed typo in Alarms.xml
 - Fixed crash on reading folder
 - Fixed Sockets onconnect hanging with no data received (in sockets module)
 - Fixed memory leaks in WebServer module
 - Fixed S0 security re-interview issue
 - Threads names fixed on Linux for easier debugging
 - Show job recipient in logs for easier debugging
 - Improved AGI Info Get-Reply handling
 - Do not remove job on three Could not be delivered to Z-Wave stack. Instead pause sending to let the SDK relax
 - Improved behaviour when Z-Way is secondary
 - HomeKit added pin to let keep it fixed across restarts
 - Increased delayed controller interview on join from 5 sec to 20 to allow inclusion as secondary
 - Solved deadlock on HK stop when communicating with iOS
API changes:
 - Reworked ZTimer API to pass zway as first arg
 - Added ZTimer cancel callback to help user clean up data on timer cancelation
 - Added zwayVersion structure to native JS object to store version/data/commit of the Z-Way build
 - Added productString field to - taken from ZDDX
 - Changed API for ZMEBootloaderFlash on 7th gen
Certification fixes:
 - Added support for Supervision V2 and Wakeup V3
 - Fixed MCA Reports being sent unsecurely on secure Get
 - Remove CRC16 from Secure NIF
 - Added lastExcludedDevice DH for proper exclusion event catch

04.04.2021 v3.1.4

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - New EnOcean profiles added
 - Added DecomposeRGB module
 - EnOcean: periodical save of zddx, Made API non-public by default
 - Improved Security App
 - Improved Heating App
 - ThermostatDevice: Allow calling handler from create event
 - HomeKit support improved
 - Fixed EnOcean duplicate devices
 - Fixed error in NotificationFiltering when Channel is absent

== Smart Home UI ==

 - Fix dashboard resistance to add elements
 - Fix empty elements && dashboard bug, when last device removed from room
 - Fix update devices count at rooms page
 - Fix bug when add new elements in room
 - Fixed wrong assignment of newly included devices to rooms
 - Heating app validation added
 - Security app improved
 - Schedule and Rules transofrmation redesigned
 - Adaptive fonts on multilevel widget
 - Welcome screen translation updated

== Expert UI ==

New features:
 - Added bootloader and firmware versions on the firmware upgrade page
 - Fix settings title overflow
 - Adaptive menu on mobil devices

== Z-Way ==

 - EnOcean: Added postmaster remove in SmartAck Teach-Out. Added smartAck flag for devices
 - EnOcean: saving zddx after adding/removing device
 - EnOcean: Added A5-07-03
 - Fix SegFault on foreign telegram hops

09.02.2021 v3.1.3

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - New EnOcean profiles added
 - Added update() to EasyScripting menu
 - Added SVG content-type to the list of loadable images
 - Added ZWAYSessionCookieIgnore header to the auth API
 - Added /devices/:v_dev_id/referenced API to show references to a vDev
 - Logical Rules 1.5
 - ThermostatDevice with float value
 - Improved InboundNotifications module to allow some duplicate events. General rework
 - Heating App: Correct start after reboot, correct handling of subsequent time slots, correct handling of rooms deletion and device load/unload
 - Heating App: The schedule follows each other without reset to energy save, also when switching to another day. Without a schedule, energy saving is activated
 - Fixed Network Reorganization infinite loop
 - Removed SensorsPolling from default config - it blocks the queue and is not needed for most of customers anymore
 - Removed empty customIcons
 - Fixed a space before namespace that lead to this type of device not being displayed in the drop list
 - Fixed that toogleButtons names were not displayed
 - Sonos app cleanup

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
- EnOcean: reworked Teach-In process, EnOcean logo to the leaf, added support for many new devices
- Show references in Apps in widgets settings
- Show widgets id in Z-Wave device settings
- Added ZWAYSessionCookieIgnore header to the auth API
- Welcome pages adopted for mobile
- Improved updates of API data: updatedTime separated for ZAutomation, Z-Wave and EnOcean
- Fixed sliders on touch interfaces (RGBW was affected)
- Heating app fixed: energy save instead comfort temperature
- Accept the temperature with fractional part
- Removed welcome screen on subsequent loads
- Faster boot of the UI
- fixed days name in mobile view
- Changed icons in event tab like in elements tab
- remove scroll bar page-navi modal
- Fixed issue with big profile not fitting in user cookie
- Improved authentication to fix reloading login window
- Fixed ordering/sorting in elements

== Expert UI ==

New features:
- Aadd bootloader and firmware versions
- Fix settings title overflow

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Added API for automated S2 PIN code entering: set and .keys  just before AddNodeToNetwork. NB! It is always better to check the full S2 DSK! 
 -  keys: all=-1 or bit mask  S0=0x80, S2 Unauth=0x01, Auth=0x02, Access=0x04
 - Added BLE extender for Z-Wave Serial API
 - Added support for backup/restore on 7.x SDK
 - Improved scales in translations
 - Fixed buffer overflow in EntryControl
 - Reworked LearnMode/TeachIn process
 - Save ZDDX after teach in
 - Added RSSI value
 - Using Extended Mode Advanced in SmartAck
 - Added few more EnOcean profiles: Motion Sensor, Window Handle, Light Sensor

24.12.2020 v3.1.2

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - Added SimpleAV to SwitchControlGenerator
 - Added demultiplexer API call for HTTP GET request
 - Added lastSeen and IP to sessions in user profile
 - Added support for Window Tilt device
 - Added support for Alarm AC Reconnect/Disconnect widgets
 - FirmwareUpdate added support for 7th gen UZB/RaZberry
 - Added WiFiCli API for Z-Wave.Me Hub to select WiFi network
 - Added IP and RemoteID to first-access API
 - Added profileName (hub name) to MobileAppSupportAPI
 - HomeKit integration reworked and included in standard delivery

 - Fixed problem with local URL in Camera settings
 - Fixed battery error in EnOcean
 - Added support for EnOCean GP
 - Fixed NotificationChannelEmail not to report failure on mail send error
 - Fixed HTTP API search to always match from the beginning
 - Time driven item enabled in Heating widget
 - Heating module. Update the list of rooms after deleting a room, frostProtection field
 - Fixed moduleId in SwitchControlGenerator
 - Do not logout permanent tokens
 - Added CORS Allow-Control-Expose-Headers
 - Added Authorization to Access-Control-Expose-Headers
 - Default config.json updated
 - Improved Alarm CC handler to fix error with undefined forEach
 - Fixed FirmwareUpdate for target > 0
 - Fixed Factory Reset on a controller w/o Z-Wave running (no zway object)
 - Removed 'metrics:removed'
 - Reset vDev to globalRoom if location does not exist

 - HeatIt full product line
 - Philio PSC03-B
 - Eurotronic Spirit 5% threshold and 0-38 hide
 - Rehau Smart Guard XT
 - Afriso Siren
 - Added acceptSetSecurityLevel for incoming unsecure Set commands
 - Added emulateOff to Alarm CC
 - Added setDeviceData('_name_', 'value', _value_) to postfix

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
 - Fast load of Dashboard, Rooms and Elements pages.
 - Added support for EnOCean GP
 - WiFi configuration for Z-Wave.Me Hub
 - Better view for user sessions with last access and IP
 - Show current session token for API in user settings
 - Help for API commands for integrators in widget settings
 - Added on/off icon for dimmers in mobile view
 - Added PNG support for rooms images

 - Improved interface load speed and tab switching
 - Removed arrows in mobile view room page
 - Added 'transparent for clicks' panel in the gallery of rooms
 - Fixed crash on wrong color for RGB widget
 - Fixed QR code reading in Smart Start
 - Fixed jumping dimmer level on wheel step up/down.
 - Added prefix to DSK
 - Heating module. If room not exist, title should be: room deleted, img_src = null
 - Beaty list of heating schedule temperatures, frostProtection
 - Fixed events filtering problem
 - EnOcean: Added more devices: Rehau and Afriso as well as Smart Ack and Generic Profile
 - Fixed Remove Devices dialog
 - Removed "metric:removed"
 - Fixed non-working RGBW in mobile app
 - Fixed element search field
 - Improved QR-code generation
 - Fixed search limit on widgets
 - Removed Full button on Switch Multilevel (Dimmer)

== Expert UI ==

 - Fixed missing battery icon
 - Translate fixes
 - Image on the interview tab

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - EnOcean: Added support for Generic Profile devices
 - Multicast for non-secure devices (use devices[N].data.multicastGroup = M to group devices together; API might change in future)
 - Added SimpleAV Set handler for some old fashion remotes
 - Added fullUrl to the webserver request to make parsing easier
 - Added devices[N].data.acceptSetSecurityLevel flag to allow less secure Set - see new PostFix entries

 - Accept 0xFE and 0xFF in SwitchMultilevel Report
 - Lowered priority to Network Reorganization jobs to help system to be more responsive
 - Fixed issue with Alarm/Notification resulting in "NN-0-113: TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of null"

16.09.2020 v3.1.1

== Home Automation ==

 - Automation/Climate: current temperature always Comfort
 - Added probeType to Http and Code devices
 - Added probeType: "thermostat_set_point"

== Smart Home UI ==

- Automation/Security: added switchBinary in sensor list
- Automation/Smoke/Leakage: added general_purpose type in sensor list
- Automation/Heating: fixed schedule and default values
- Automation/Rules: fixed constrains for sensorMultilevel comparison
- Fixed missing icons
- Updated default skins

31.08.2020 v3.1.0

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - New notifications style in Automation
 - Added /notificationChannels and /notificationChannels/all API calls
 - Added namespaces:notificationChannels:channelNameEx
 - Added NotificationChannelEmail (replacement for MailNotifier), NotificationChannelSMSru (replacement for old NotificationSMSru)
 - Adopted IfThen, SecurityMode to the new notification style
 - Removed notifications from BatteryPolling - adopting new notifications style
 - Removed modules MailNotifier (replaced by NotificationChannelEmail), Notification (deprecated) and NotificationSMSru (replaced by NotificationChannelSMSru)
 - Added MobileAppSupport and NotificationFiltering.
 - Added Zniffer SetPromisc API
 - Improved Background RSSI measurement, made it more precise in time when polling

 - Fixed EasyScripting Loop detected issue after an error
 - Fixed NotificationChannelEmail userId saved as integer and not as string
 - Temp fix of namespaces - to be reworked
 - Added NotificationChannelEmail and improved NotificationFiltering.
 - Fixed RSSI for sent packet for Zniffer
 - Fixed bug with two dongles
 - Cleanup. CIT code removed
 - Fixed FW update via URL download
 - Allow / in last argument in API router
 - Network reorg fix

== Smart Home UI ==

New features:
 - New notification style.
 - Automation section: adopted new notification style.
 - Improved MobileAppSupport and NotificationFiltering
 - Added NotificationFiltering edit form inside device settings
 - Add time to Schedule

 - Adopted new Font Awesome 5
 - Links to new mobile apps

== Expert UI ==

New features
 - Added Promiscuous mode to Zniffer page
 - Added list of available firmwares from Z-Wave.Me Firmware Storage
 - Added *.gbl to OTA file list for 7th gen firmwares
 - Added Noise Level dashed line delimiting good from bad
 - Make clickable problematic nodes on home page
 - Rescaled Background RSSI measurement
 - Added description to Include device button in case of license limit

 - Don't show useless fields for controller itself in Interview tab (isFailed, Interview status, Request NIF, ...)
 - Don't crash Interview tab on missing ZDDX file - just continue
 - Updated to Font Awesome 5
 - UZB/RaZ firmware upgrade better translation

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - SetPromisc and promiscMode DH
 - Entry Control first implementation

 - Added SDK 6.82 to restore (and some more)
 - Preserve modes in the package tree
 - Fixed bug with crash on S2 canceled job
 - Remove debug string for SSL lock
 - Do not instanciate Security S0/S2, CRC16, MultiCmd and TS if not in NIF
 - Fixed Secuity policy with Firmware Update when S2 Access key is not granted
 - translations/Alarms.xml improved
 - Added .hidden file handler to mongoose. Added config/zddx/.hidden to hide critical data.

27.04.2020 v3.0.6

Fixed problem with upgrade removing Z-Way important files.

== Home Automation ==

New features:
 - EasyScripting module released

== Smart Home UI ==

New developer features:
 - Code highlight can now be used in apps descirption.
 - Menus can now be used in apps.

== Z-Way ==
 - Fixed interview failure of Basic inside channels

03.04.2020 v3.0.5

== Home Automation ==

 - Network Reorganization reworked
 - Fixed incoming packet in RouteMap
 - Make level persistent in Dummy Device
 - Fixed ThemostatDevice string to int problem
 - Added probeType, icon valve and siren.
 - Fixed typos in MobileAppSupport that lead to some Z-Wave function errors
 - AutomationController.loadModuleMedia handles MIME types

== Smart Home UI ==

 - Adopted for mobile UI
 - Removed unised Remember me checkbox
 - Fixed probe-type in widgets
 - Fix S2 inclusion bug on slow systems like Hub
 - Show current authentication token

== Expert UI ==

 - Improved Route Map. Priority Routes
 - Channel # added to Locks and Notifications list
 - Network Reorganization reworked
 - InspectQueue pause button (click on queue icon)
 - Fixed missing notification about exclusion of foreign device
 - Fixed broken Interiew tab on missing ZDDX entries resourceLinks and others
 - Fixed A/MCA problem in Association tab
 - Fixed CSA inclusion

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Windows 10 build
 - Set Priority Route API in AssignPriorityReturnRoute. Refactored Assign[SUC]ReturnRoute.
 - Save assigned route in devices[SRC].data.priorityRoutes[DST] = ROUTE
 - Added Security S2 CSA key verification

 - Fixed int[] in DevicesData.xml
 - Fixed wrong NIF handling when secureInclusion is set to false (S0 and S2 removal)
 - HomeKit: handling of valid-values and valid-values-range for thermostats and sensors
 - Fixed memory leak ZXmlDocument
 - Accept only S2 Access when Primary for S2 command supported report and other needs
 - Don't check incoming local security policy for Transport, Unknown, all Reports and Supervision Get packets
 - Verbose socket errors
 - Fixed problems with resolver
 - Fix socket connection lifetime
 - Ignore broadcast/multicast Get and parse frame type
 - Added RPi cURL SSL CA fallback and enable strict SSL/TLS cert verification
 - Few bugs found using PVS Studio

23.01.2020 v3.0.4

== Home Automation (HA) ==

 - Fixed broken images on save

== Z-Way ==

New features:
 - Z-Way for Windows is back

 - Using OpenSSL 1.1 instead of 1.0.2 to fix crash problems
 - Fixed Raspberry Pi libraries dependencies
 - Fixed CentralScene interview problems
 - Fixed few potential memory leaks

13.12.2019 v3.0.3

== Home Automation (HA) ==

New features:
 - Google Home and Google Assistant integration added
 - EasyScripting script engine added (still work in progress, but already usable)
 - Added support of SoundSwitch Command Class
 - Added Siren Notification widget type
 - Added debugPrintStack() function in JavaScript to help you debug your code (prints the stack trace to help you understand where was your function called from)
 - Added DELETE method on /ZAutomation/api/v1/profile to remove the current token or full profile

 - Fixed missing Thermostat operation switch right after inclusion

== Expert UI ==

 - Added support of SoundSwitch Command Class in Expert Commands tab

== Z-Way ==

 - Translations of sensor types
 - Fixed failures of Basic Interview inside channels

New Command Classes support:
 - SoundSwitch

18.11.2019 v3.0.2

== Home Automation (HA) ==
 - Fixed reconfiguration bug - instance was created twice and was not stopped
 - Location added to switchMultilevel and battery vDev types
 - Fixed removal of old sessions
 - Fixed undefined location

== Expert UI ==

 - Fixed missing PUK in Control page

== Z-Way ==

 - Fixed memory overrun in zway_queue_inspect
 - Fixed crash in wrong MultiChannel Report with aggregated channel
 - Fixed permissions on logrotate config
 - Adding Basic to all channels
 - Fixed HomeKit not working on the second IP address
 - Raspberry Pi 4 support added to debian package
 - Updated DeviceClasses.xml
 - Adopted to OpenSSL 1.1.1
 - Deb: /etc/z-way/VERSION filled correctly
 - Added libcurl in the RPi package for Buster support
 - Ignoring Duplicate AddDone in AddNodeToNetworkCallback
 - Fixed potential bug reported by PVS-Studio code analizer

New Command Classes support:
 - ManufacturerSpecific pseudoRandom added

18.10.2019 v3.0.1

Added support for Raspbian Buster

18.07.2019 v3.0.0

== Z-Way ==

Z-Wave (libzway) changes

Z-Wave Security S2 and Z-Wave Smart Start support.

New Command Classes support:
 - Inclusion Controller
 - Supervision
 - Transport Services
 - Security S2

 - Improved routing table updates.
 - Improved Advanced IMA
 - Added ZMESerialAPIOptions support: Jamming detection and Advanced IMA
 - Security incoming/outgoing policy redesigned based on NIF and command type
 - Improved HomeKit implementation (via HomeKit Gate app)
 - More verbose WebSocket errors
 - Added Z-Wave Alliance database as source of ZDDX files
 - Added productCode, frFrequency, manufacturerId, productTypeId and productId to GuessXML/zway_device_guess. API changed!!!
 - Added AssignPriorityReturnRoute and AssignPrioritySUCReturnRoute to set Priority Route
 - Added SwitchBinary unknown state support
 - Added http followLocation property to follow HTTP Location header during page load
 - Added KeepMeInformedInsteadOfSIS in Defaults.xml to configure to notify on Wakeup Notification

 - Fixed timezone set problem on RaZberry
 - Fixed save of empty DH array (int, float, string)
 - Fixed socket not being closed on peer disconnect
 - Fixed CentralScene V3 report
 - Fixed CC version downgrade problem
 - Clock CC: Set command added after interview and system time added in ClockReport
 - Meter V4 interview with scales >7 fixed
 - Fixed S0 secure packets sending

Certification fixes:
 - CCR.7.2 // Accept usecure Manufacturer Get on S0
 - CCM.3.2 + CCM.14.3 // Fixing A+MCA Get
 - New NIFs according to certification
 - CCR.7.1 // Checking MCA version before sending Set with destination to N:0
 - Checking for AGI and supported CCs in the target before setting association in a device
 - CD.16 // Ignoring broadcast/multicast Get
 - Association Set now checks for full group and returns Supervision Report with failure if full
 - RT.1.14.2 // Don't send Wakeup NoMoreInformation if Notification was broadcasted
 - DT.3.2 // Addeding more cases
 - Fixed RT.18.1 from Portable Controller to Portable Slave
 - Fixed RT.1.18.1 - set SIS node in Wakeup Zero Interval Set
 - DD. and DD. // Version Report should report dongle version in fw 0 and Z-Way version in fw 1
 - RT.1.18.1 // always set Wakeup Set to interval = 0 for Portable Controllers
 - DT.3.2 // fix in A & MCA

 - Added EnOcean SmartAck support
 - Fixed Signal Message Battery profile
 - Added Signal Telegram handling

== SmartHomeUI v1.10.1 ==

 - OAuth2 support added
 - Permanent token UI implemented
 - Per device access for users added
 - Added sessions list and logout button to securelly unlog a device
 - Added EnOcean SmartAck Teach In/Out UI
 - Add Smart Start UI

 - Fixed comparison constraints with sensorMultilevel in Rules
 - Proper remove ZWAYSession when sending login info
 - Fixed problem of missing parameters on redirection to the target url on first page load
 - Fix redirect for find service
 - fix issue #210 Please make placeholder text color more faint
 - Fix Hardcoded scheme in firmware update url
 - "Hide events for this device" lost on device rename
 - fix Checkbox and right label not on the same line issue #255
 - Fix full screen searchbox modal on mobile-view

== ExpertUI v1.5.0 ==

 - Adding PNG and GIF to Route Map image type
 - Allow chip selection for Over-The-Air update of the device
 - Added .otz to the f/w possible extension
 - Route Map improved
 - Added button NO PIN to Verify device PIN dialog in unauthenticated mode
 - Added UI for secondary in Security S2 CSA mode
 - Demo license button added
 - Frequencies groups all visible in debug mode
 - S2 Require CSA switch added
 - SUC/SIS management disabling/enabling buttons
 - Enter/Leave different Networks description
 - Added Clock configuration
 - Notify user to wait for S2 interview

 - Fixed error in Associations tab
 - Fix to show/hide Include/Exclude buttons in secondary/primary role
 - Fixed convertion of S2 pin code to 5 digits
 - Increasing timers grantKeys and verifyDSK up to 240
 - Uncommented Association dots in routing table. Legend added
 - Allow select Z-Wave dongle if currenly selected is absent
 - Fixed routing table orientation (transponded)
 - Fixed bugs in data.updateTime
 - Fixed update problem
 - Fixed Set of Associations on channels
 - Fixed #N.0 on plain association to #N
 - Fixed Association view when EP contains Association CC
 - EUI-173: After changing givenName is used function .devices.SaveData() #265
 - EUI-171: Fixing assoc bug.  $scope.assocGroupsDevices are now defined as object
 - EUI-170: Adjust controls for multiple thermostat instances, minor fixes in meter.js

== Home Automation (HA) v2.3.8 ==
New features:
 - Implemented Authentication Bearer for OAuth2.0.
 - Permanent tokens
 - Per device access for users added
 - Making automaticaly permanent tokens with Authorization Bearer
 - Add locationName attribure to vDev
 - Thermostat commands improved
 - HTTP redirect API added
 - RemoveToken API added.
 - Rework of profiles API
 - Made session permanent and stored in config.js
 - Added new bootloader to Z-Wave OTW

 - EnOcean improvements
 - Updated encryption function for TP Link Wifi Plugs
 - –°apability to change level of sensorMultilevel and sensorBinary, useful for CodeDevice and HTTPDevice
 - Support of postfix application for all devices of the same manufacturer

 - Do not return 404 if no rooms granted to the user. Return empty0
 - Save vDev probeType in config.json
 - ThermostatSetPoint posfix fix
 - Removed HttpOnly from the ZWaySession cookie.
 - Duplicate ZWaySession in the header
 - Timezone fixed for Raspberry Pi
 - Fixed RGBW off oldColor save
 - Added missing set of metrics:level for toggleButton
 - Old tokens cleanup fixed.
 - Do not apply Anonymous if there was and attempt to login (Auth Basic, Bearer or SESSID)
 - Remove profile on OAuth2 failures
 - Added WWW-Authenticate header to HTTP 401 reply
 - Fixed bug in MobileAppSupport leading to error
 - SwitchControlGenerator. Do not create device for CentralScene as it is handled in ZWave module
 - Merge pull request #463 from RobertGebauer/master
 - Update check of level to set: must be a number
 - SHUI-546 Fix Info Widget
 - SHUI-543 do not save unneeded instanceId in instance
 - update MobileAppSupport
 - SHUI-521 add notification to scenes
 - SHUI-534 fix silent and normal alarm
 - SHUI-519 Support to compare 2 devices
 - fix: getting new sid/session although the old session is still available,
 - add default checks to VirtualDevice function for params tags, order, location, creationTime
 - [SHUI-508] fix broken password reset
 - [SHUI-507] Rules: Fix reverse function problem with 0
 - Update check of level to set: must be a number
 - Bugfix. Level "0" won't be set with previous check as !!level evaluates to "false" for level=0. As level "0" should be a valid level to set, the level is checked to be a number now.

 - AutoOff:
   -  Doorlock support for AutoOff module

 - DeviceHistory:
   - externalAPIRevoke to DeviceHistory stop function added

 - IfThen:
   - handling dimmer correctly in IfThen

 - NotificationSMSru:
   - Huawei 3G/4G modems support

10.10.2018 v2.3.8

== Z-Way ==

Z-Wave (libzway) changes:
 - Fix interview problem on A/MCA with 0 groups (for multichannel devices like Danfoss HC5/10)
 - Showing secure payload on send in the log for easier debugging
 - Firmware upgrade uses by default reported fragment size and only then from Defaults.xml (solves OTA problem)
 - Added libraries for Raspbian Stretch
 - Fixed deadlock in HomeKit app
 - Fixed socket not being closed on peer disconnect
 - Fixed lastSend not updated
 - Added manualUrl to ZDDX files
 - Added AssignPriorityReturnRoute and AssignPrioritySUCReturnRoute
 - Added SwitchBinary unknown state support
 - Fixed possible segfault
 - Addeding more cases for DT.3.2
 - Fixed RT.18.1 from Portable Controller to Portable Slave
 - Few potential crash problems fixed

== SmartHomeUI v1.9.0 ==

 - Rooms:
   - uploaded room icon is now removable
 - My Settings:
   - new dropdown for language selection
   - night / dark mode added
 - Header Menu:
   - new Automation Menu (gear wheel)
   - Automation Menu (gear wheel):
     - collects basic automation functionalities (Scenes, Rules, Schedules, Heating, Hazard Notification, Security)
     - menus are logically based on already known Apps like e.g. If>Then/LogicalRules (Rules), Leakage/Fire Protection (Hazard Notification)
     - all apps are adjusted to use or trigger all actors which makes sence (e.g. binary switch, multilevel switch, scene, RGBW switch)
     - the new desingned Automation menu, which is independent from Alpaca JS, should help to control your basic automations more easily
 - Elements:
   - 3 grid layout for mobile devices / smartphones
   - Adjusting mobile view
   - Add ON/OFF to mobile RGB Modal
   - Add new 24h History graph to widget
   - Add missing Icons
   - Add Audioplayer support
 - User management: If no rooms exists show info label "No rooms have yet been created" instead of empty fields
 - Active Apps: refactoring of mobile view
 - Online Apps: View refactoring
 - Active apps: expand all button added
 - New device categories: "Speech-assistant", "Wifi", "433Mhz", "Mobile phones" added
 - Add Alexa to system apps
 - Portugese, Italian translation added
 - New setup dialog for factory default devices which explains the new basic features of the software including speech assistent and automation.

== ExpertUI v1.3.3 ==

 - Added .otz in the list of allowed OTA file extensions
 - Job Queue loading fixed
 - Noise meter error fixed
 - Improved Route Map

== Home Automation (HA) v2.3.8 ==
 - Fixed HomeKit crashes

 - remove uploaded room images
 - new base modules added that combine or enhance functionalities of already well known modules, which are working without Alpca JS. These new modules can be find and configured in SHUI under the Automation menu (gear wheel):
   - Hazard Notification (combination from Leakage Protection and Fire Protection modules, ready for more)
   - Rules (combination of If>Then (simple mode) and Logical Rule (expert mode) modules)
   - Scenes (enhancement of Light Scene module)
   - Schedules (enhancement of Scheduled Scene module)
   - Security (refactored and scheduling enhanced)
   - Heating (enhanced Climate Control module)
   - transformation added that will optionally transform LogicalRules/IfThen into Rules, LightScene into Scene, ScheduledScene into Schedules instances and deactivate all source instances - so the transformation can be rolled back easily (using http://IP:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/modules/transform/reverse will remove the transformation flag from all modules)

 - node id to vdev of zway devices added
 - add remove location image api
 - add prepareHTTPResponse function to AutomationModule.js
 - ignore list of restore/backup functions refactored
 - ZAutomation history API removed (now it comes from the module itself)
 - storage function enhanced to remove not existing and cleared filenames from list
 - add PNG and GIF to img type check
 - QR-Code isn't stored on z-way-server anymore, it's generated on demand in UI instead (Devices > Mobile > Add)
 - add restriction to QR code API - admin can request all QR codes, users can only request their own
 - logical helper functions from Rules moved and centralized into AutomationModule.js, so also other modules can use them
 - postfix.json updated (changed or added):
   - added:
     - Steinel XLED home 2
     - Steinel Senor-Switched Outdoor LightScene
     - Foxx Project Door/Window Sensor
     - Foxx Project Flood Sensor
     - Everspring/TechniSat RM1
     - Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor
     - Aeotec NanoMote One
     - Aeotec NanoMote Quad
     - Aeotec TriSensor
     - TKBHome single/dual wall switch
     - TKBHOME single/dual dimmer switch
     - TKB Home Energy Plug In Switch
     - Everspring Plug
     - Popp Power Plug
     - MCO Home Fan Coil Thermostat (2-pipe) V3.0
     - MCO Home CO2 Monitor
     - Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter
     - Qubino Smart Plug
   - changed:
     - Philio 4 in 1 Multisensor
     - Philio Relay Insert Blind
     - Philio Double Relay Insert 2*1.5 kW with Metering Function
     - Foxx Project Smart Switch Gen5
     - POPP Flood / Water Leakage Sensor
     - TKBHome two channel switch TZX7
     - TKB Plug Dimmer
     - Qubino Smart Meter
     - Qubino Flush Thermostats
     - Qubino On/Off thermostat
     - Aeotec Home Energy Meter - Gen5
     - PAN16 Smart Energy Plug In Switch
     - Everspring Lamp Holder
     - Poly Control Dana Lock V3
     - OOMI Door Window Sensor
     - MCO Home - Water Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor
     - MCO Home - Electrical Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor
     - Sensative Strips Comfort / Drips
     - Hank Flood Sensor

 - ZWave v2.3.0
   - update of failed status in zway vdevs fixed
   - thermostat min/max fixed
   - Public Z-Wave API with Expert UI fixed
 - postfix update fixed
 - Object.keys() error if is null fixed
 - download URL of skins fixed
 - Cannot select none image for room fixed
 - icon upload and add uppercase extension (GIF,PNG,JPG,JPEG) support fixed
 - missing transformation of main_sensor during update leads to indexOf undefined error - fixed

 - ZWave v2.3.0
   - Gas Alarm (V7) 0x12 support added
   - new alarm type - gas added
   - Code of postfix logic refactored not to polute the global namespace area
   - Optimized a bit the F/W update code and added support of 40196 bootloader for upgrade UZB 5.07->5.27
 - HTTPDevice v2.2.0
   - enhancement: can set method GET/POST for update command
   - helper fixed
 - DeviceHistory v2.0.0
   - new api HistoryAPI added (moved from ZAutomation and AutomationController to module)
 - BindDevices v1.0.2
   - sensorMultilevel support added
 - MailNotifier v1.2.0
   - change logic to handle also different mail adresses in e-mail outgoing
 - BatteryPolling v2.2.0
   - notifications support module added
 - MobileAppSupport v1.2.7
   - table of undefined bug fixed

19.02.2018 v2.3.7

== Z-Way ==

Z-Wave (libzway) changes:
 - Added 2000 more devices description
 - Improved speed of Z-Way joining networks
 - added (to help lib/JS programmers and users)
 - Certification improvements
 - Setting enrypted messages high priority because nonce can expire
 - Meter V4 interview with scales >7 fixed
 - Ignoring unsecure A and MCA Set/Remove/Get if secure channel is established
 - Making A and MCA secure only if secure channel is established (for certification)
 - HostAppVersion removed from Defaults.xml (not needed anymore for Version Report)
 - Version Report should report dongle version in fw 0 and Z-Way version in fw 1 (DD. and DD.
 - Always set Wakeup Set to interval = 0 for Portable Controllers
 - Fixed problem with Security interview inside channels
 - Added zway_cc_security_inject for debuging purposes

== ExpertUI v1.3.2 ==

 - jobqueue loading

== SmartHomeUI v1.8.0 ==

 - New section Wifi devices.
 - Added Italian language.
 - Online Apps: Improved mobile view.
 - Local Apps: Improved mobile view.
 - Elements: Improved mobile view.
 - Rooms: Improved mobile view.

== Home Automation (HA) v2.3.7 ==

 - Added emulateOff postfix to Sensor Binary (to turn vDev off after a period)
 - support for wifiplugs added (TP-Link HS100, TP-Link HS110, EDIMAX SP1101, EDIMAX SP2101)
 - allow probeType postfix in ZWave module
 - IP-address api added

 - Set thermostat value only if they are not equal - this will prevent ClimateControl app to set values twice
 - add ip address to QR code
 - stored QR code is removed, now it is only produced in UI temporarely against successful authorization
 - module categories "system" and "wifiplug" added
 - rework the /ZAutomation/api/v1/icons/upload API to return a name
 - language files refactored
 - postfix.json updated (changed or added):
  - added:
    - Popp Z-Weather
    - Dimmer
    - Danfoss Hydronic Controller 10
    - Aeotec RGBW Bulb
    - Aeotec Dual Nano Switch with Meter
    - Aeotec Indoor Siren Gen5
    - Aeotec Door Window Sensor 6
    - Aeotec Dual Nano Switch
    - Aeotec Water Sensor 6
    - Secure 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
    - Secure Temperature Sensor
    - Secure Wall Thermostat with LCD Display
    - Secure Z-Wave controlled Boiler Actuator (2 Channels)
    - Secure Receiver with Relay SSR303
    - Philio Smart Dimmer Socket PAD02
    - Philio Double Relay Insert 2*1.5 kW with Metering Function
    - OOMI Mote
    - OOMI Plug
    - OOMI Range Extender
    - OOMI In-Wall Switch
    - OOMI In-Wall Dimmer
    - OOMI Colorstripe
    - OOMI Multisensor
    - Everspring Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    - Everspring Wall Plug Dimmer
    - Everspring ST812 Flood Detector
    - Everspring SE812 Indoor Siren
    - Devolo Alarmsirene
    - Devolo Luftfeuchtemelder
    - Devolo Wassermelder
    - Devolo Bewegungsmelder
    - Devolo Funkschalter
    - Devolo Radiator Thermostat
    - Devolo Rauchmelder
    - Devolo KFOB
    - Devolo Wall Plug 2.0
    - TKBHOME single/dual dimmer switch
    - SCHWAIGER - 4 in 1 Multi Sensor Outdoor IP43
    - Fibaro Door/Window Sensor G5 - RU
    - Fibaro Single Switch - 1*2.5 kW
    - Fibaro Heat Controller
    - MCO Home PM2.5 Sensor
    - MCO Home Water Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor
    - MCO Home CO2 Monitor
    - MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (4 Buttons) British Standard
    - MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (2 Buttons) British Standard
    - MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (1 Button)
    - MCO Home Glass Touch Switch (2 Buttons)
    - MCO Home - Electrical Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor
    - Sensative Stripe Multisensor Drip
    - BeNext Wall Plug with Dimmer Function
    - Hank Four-Key Scene Contoller
    - Hank One-Key Scene Contoller
    - Hank Flood Sensor
    - Hank Motion Sensor
    - Hank Smart Plug
    - NEO Coolcam Door / Window Sensor
    - NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor
    - NEO Coolcam Siren
    - Steinel Indoor Light
    - Steinel Motion Sensor
  - changed:
    - Fibaro Double Relay Switch FGS-222
    - Fibaro Door/Window Sensor G5
    - Fibaro Dimmer 2
    - Danfoss Hydronic Controller 5
    - Devolo Door/Window Contact
    - Aeotec Nano Switch 1 Relay
    - Aeotec Range Extender 6
    - Aeotec Door Window Sensor 6
    - Aeotec Recessed Door G5
    - Aeotec Multisensor Gen 6
    - Qubino On/Off thermostat
    - Qubino Flush Thermostat
    - Qubino Relay Insert 1*2,3 kW
    - Qubino PWM Thermostat
    - TKB Plug Dimmer French
    - WiDom Universal Double Switch
    - Philio 4 in 1 Multisensor
    - Philio PST02-5B Motion Sensor
    - Philio Motionsensor
    - Philio Relay Insert Blind
    - Philio Double Relay Insert 2x1,5KW
    - Philio PAN16 Smart Energy Plug In Switch

 - Fix not working time-zone set via Smart Home UI
 - Remote triggered on Z-Way startup
 - Fix setDefaultLang function
 - Allow probeType postfix in ZWave module
 - Save probeType in vDevInfo

 - TP-Link HS100 v1.0.0
  - added to support this wifi plug
 - TP-Link HS110 v1.0.0
  - added to support this wifi plug
 - EDIMAX SP1101 v1.0.0
  - added to support this wifi plug
 - EDIMAX SP2101 v1.0.0
  - added to support this wifi plug
 - Sonos v1.2.3:
  - fixes
  - icon changed
 - MobileAppSupport v1.2.5:
  - bugfix catches undefined-error occurred during adding first mobile device
  - bugfix removing mobile device deletes LOCAL widget
  - update IOS token
  - remove devices manually
 - ScheduledScene v2.2.0:
  - can start scene many times in day
  - defined default times: 00:00 and 12:00
  - devices on new path, as example switch: this.config.devices.switches
  - compatibility with old config
  - Bugfix: Dimmers, Lock and scenes didn't run.
 - IfThen v2.5.1:
  - allow negative values for multilevel sensors
 - LightScene v1.1.1:
  - icon changed
 - AutoLock v1.2:
  - added switchBinary support and checkbox Don't send Lock command if doorlock already closed
 - TamperAutoOff v1.1.0:
  - fix to SETDATA

25.09.2017 v2.3.6

== Z-Way ==

Z-Wave (libzway) fixes:
 - Fixed A & MCA to still set MCA to :0 even if we don't have channels (for Z-Wave certification)
 - Fixed severe buffer overflow in zutf8_remove_first_char (ZUTF8.c) - caused crash on UTF8 extended chars used in DH string value
 - Added handling of list mode in AGI for expected reply and long list mode replies
 - Added wait reply to Nonce Get - more stable interview in mixed secure/non-secure communications
 - Added less strict comparison for lastSendInternal and lastSendNonce - due to this bug sometimes packets were never sent in secure mode on device wakeup
 - Alarm CC restructured to account for new alarm types and event types, z-cfg-update is required on older DevicesData.xml: eventMask int->bin
 - Scales.xml updated
 - Fixed bug with NIF one byte too short in unsecure inclusion

== ExpertUI ==

New features:
 - Route map with possibility to upload own floor plan from PC.
 - All pending requests are oborted after leaving the page.

 - Fixed problem with license validation on new/old UZBs
 - Don't poll InspectQueue and ZWaveAPI/Data/xxx if current request is still pending #262.
 - Restore backup with network topology not possible anymore #261.

== SmartHomeUI ==

New features:
 - Local Apps: Possibility to filter by Updated apps.
 - Online Apps UI-rework
 - Notifications for If-Then, Logical-Rule added (PUSH, MAIL)
 - RSS news: Added buttons READ MORE and READ.
 - Rooms: In the header sensors values are updated.
 - Improvements of the mobile view.
 - Controller Restore

 - Sensors added to the room header dont show fullname by mouse over #245.
 - User login language overwrites profile language.
 - Elements, Apps and devices: Fixed bug in Firefox.
 - Don't poll InspectQueue and ZWaveAPI/Data/xxx if current request is still pending #262.

 - Device management: Remove device is completely refactored.
 - Element detail: Deactivete checkbox replaced with Delete element button.
 - Element with device type sensorMultiline has not an event icon.
 - Elements: improved RGBW widgets
 - First access: Language select moved to the form.
 - Login: Removed language select.
 - Added major/minor version to the licence scratch request.

== HomeAutomation (HA) ==

 - show more logs on ZWaveBinding error
 - Refactored PacketLog to make it work faster and take smaller RAM/FLASH
 - add location title in front of device names within module configuration dropdowns
 - Modified MobileAppSupport and LogicalRules apps to push user defined notifications
 - add rain and co sensor types
 - updated underscore.js to v1.8.3,
 - add auto installer for E-Mail Me instance (is added automatically after z-way f/w upgrade if e-mail under My Settings was set and no instance is already existing)
 - E-Mail Me instance is added automatically during initial setup - e-mail is set during initial login
 - add "zway_parsedPackets.json" to blacklists, to be ignored during backup / restore
 - add topology restore flag to ZAutomation restore api
 - add support for fan and siren (pull request #439 by maros)
 - add removed flag to vDevs
 - add vDevs of failed nodes will be marked as metrics.isFailed:true now
 - nodes with WakeUp CC - except portable remotes - will be checked once a day if they are failed (no wake up during a specific interval)
 - add filterByNode() and filterByCreatorId() to DeviceCollection.js
 - add modules to support Technaxx TX65, TX66, TX67 cams
 - add spanish translation
 - postfix.json updated (changed or added):
   - Popp 10 year smoke detector with siren
   - Fibaro Door/Window Sensor G5
   - Popp Thermostat
   - Philio PST02-5B Motion Sensor
   - Philio PAT02-5C Flood Sensor
   - Foxx Project Range Extender
   - Foxx Project Smart Switch Gen5
   - WiDom Universal Double Switch
   - MCO Home Fan Coil Thermostat (4-pipe)
   - MCO Home Fan Coil Thermostat (2-pipe)
   - TKB Plug Dimmer French
   - Fibaro Door/Window Sensor G3
   - Fibaro Single Switch 2
   - Fibaro Double Switch 2
   - NodOn Micro Smart Plug
   - Aeotec Door/Window Sensor Gen5
   - Popp Water Sensor
   - Qubino Dimmerinsert 0-10V
   - Aeotec Home Energy Meter - Gen5
   - PAN16 Smart Energy Plug In Switch
   - Eurotronic Spirit
   - EVERSPRING ON/OFF Switch/Screw-In
   - Aeotec Smart Switch 6
   - Philio Motionsensor
   - Fibaro Dimmer 2
   - Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch
   - MCOHome Thermostat MH7-WH-EU
   - Aeotec WallMote Quad
   - POPP Plug Dimmer
   - Aeotec WallMote Dual
   - TKB Plug Dimmer German
   - Fibaro Keyfob
   - Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPx-102
   - Fibaro Universalsensor with Binary Input
   - Popp Wall Plug Switch Outdoor IP44
   - Popp Flow Stop
   - Qubino Relay Insert 1*2,3 kW
   - Vision Shock Sensor
   - Popp Radiator Thermostat
   - Qubino RGBW Dimmer
   - Vision DC/AC Power Siren
   - Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
   - Fibaro RGBW Module
   - Vision Security Siren G5
   - Qubino Weatherstation
   - Domitech ZBulb
   - Z-Wave.Me Wall Remote
   - POPP Wall_C Forever - Wall Remote
   - MCOHome Thermostat MH7-EH-EU
   - Aeotec Nano Switch 1 Relay
   - Aeotec Home Energy Meter - Gen5
   - Aeotec Nano Dimmer ZW111
   - Popp Z-Rain
   - Aeotec Nano Switch
   - Z-Wave.Me Funkwandschalter
   - Fibaro CO Sensor
   - Zipato Bulb 2
   - Devolo Door/Window Contact
   - Popp Solar Outdoor Siren
   - Qubino PWM Thermostat
   - WiDom Energy Driven Switch S/C
   - Secure Water Meter
   - Qubino Flush 1 Relay
   - Qubinio Flush2 Relays
   - TKB Home Wall Plug Switch
   - MCO Home MH-S314 EU (UK)
   - MCO Home CO2 Monitor
   - MCO Home MH-S412
   - MCO Home MH-S411
   - MCO Home MH-S412 UK
   - Philio 2-in-1 Sensor - Temperature and Humidity
   - Philio 3-in-1 Sensor - Flood, Temperature and Humidity
   - Qubino Roller Shutter Insert 2*1 kW with energy meter
   - Qubino Dimmerinsert with energy meter
   - Qubino Roller Shutter Insert 12-24V DC
   - Philio Relay Insert Blind
   - Aeotec LED Strip
   - EverSpring Motion Sensor SP816
   - Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2
   - MCOHome Thermostat MH7H-XH-EU
   - TKB Home Power Meter Socket
   - Everspring Door/ Window Sensor
   - Philio Double Relay Insert 2*1.5 KW with Metering Function
   - Danfoss Hydronic Controller
   - Secure Z-Wave controlled Boiler Actuator (2 Channels)
   - Secure Electronic Room Thermostat with Temperature Sensor
   - Secure Temperature and Humidity Sensor
   - Popp 10 year smoke detector
   - Vision Door Lock with Handle
   - Vision Garage Door Sensor
   - TKB Digital Heating Thermostat
   - Remotec IR Extender ZXT-120
   - Fakro Electric actuator
   - Everspring mini Plug
   - Aeonlabs Minimote
   - Aeonlabs Minimote
   - POPP Keypad

 - fixed LimitedArray class
 - fix rssi output
 - fix endless timeout entries of reorganization
 - fix #442: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined when getting notifications
 - ZWave: fix not working set of old multilevel value
 - ZWave: fixed that value and parameter not managed to 0
 - fix not working Hide and hasHistory of elements is after z-way restart
 - fix deleting room sensors from location is vdev moved to new location
 - fix dublicated id's if instances are cloned
 - limit max size of notifications to 2500. Old limit (5000) allowed file size over 1MB that resulted in complete cleared file after z-way restart
 - fix d&d settings are lost after z-way reboot

 - DeviceHistory:
   - remove listeners on stop
   - fix notification bug in DeviceHistory app
   - remove binary support from DeviceHistory app - it's handles by UI now with a better readable event list
 - MobileAppSupport v1.2.2:
   - modified to push user defined notifications
   - add remote/local indentification
 - LogicalRules:
   - modified to push user defined notifications
 - Camera:
   - add screen URl for new camera view
 - ZWave:
   - add rain and co sensor types
   - add replace smoke image with burglar image for burglar events
   - fix not working set of old multilevel values
   - fixed that value and parameter not managed to 0
   - add isFailed flag to zway vDevs
   - add SaveData to save once per hour
 - MailNotifier v1.2.0:
   - extend handler to send mails initialized by IfThen and LogicalRule
   - add checkbox to allow using an alternative email address next to the preconfigured addresses in user settings
 - LightScene v1.1.1:
   - change icon type gesture to new type scene
 - Sonos:
   - Added previous and next song functionality to sonos module (pull request #446 by vuza)
 - OpenWeather:
   - Added clouds info to metrics:zwaveOpenWeather (pull request #438 by RobertGebauer)
   - Added optional sunset / sunrise widget (inspired by pull request #229 from manyosit)
 - If/Then v2.5.0
   - allow use of mail and push notifications if condition is triggered

 - fix missing encodeURI
 - send language keys for failed login feedback

28.07.2017 v2.3.5

UI Features:
 - Support to show html page placed in folder MODULE_NAME/htdocs. You can open html page MODULE_NAME/htdocs/table.html from address: ZAutomation/api/v1/load/modulemedia/MODULE_NAME/table.html
 - Support for background room images
 - Utils
   - internet check added
   - string to object parser added (and refactored in HA)
 - location added to device-info notifications
 - add periodically update of network statistics data
 - Support for Drag and Drop
 - Support for room main sensors (three sensors that can be assigned to room in UI)
 - Icons and Title name fix for modules which generate vDevs
 - New class LimitedArray added (lib/LimitedArray.js)
 - ZWaveAPI PacketLog API added and new Route Map feature added in the Expert UI

UI Fixes:
 - Fixed Z-Way crash due to too big notification.json file
 - Memory problems caused by huge amount of data
 - Fix zbw inquery #431
 - UZB/RaZ upgrade fixes
 - Fix updates of manufacturerId = 0 (Sigma Designs) products
 - Fixed IntelHex converter
 - Remove QR code update on profile meta data update

 - HTTPDevice
   - Added fields Content-type and Data
 - InbandNotifications
   - fix undefined scale unit of device info log
   - fix empty level in device-info notification
   - expand device events to include default custom icon information
   - refactored -> remove saving and polling
 - ZWave
   - inject zway config to ZWaveAPI
   - expertsettings expanded + API changed
   - zwaveDeviceInfoGet and zwaveDeviceInfoUpdate API's removed
 - SmartLight
   - add support for old Z-Wave.Me Dimmers
 - IfThen 2.5.0
   - Don't send On command, if device is already turned On, similarly for Off

Backend changes:
 - Saving of notifications / z-way data refactored
   - now manged by LimitedArray Constructor
   - notifications file will be cleared on startup if > 1MB - this should avoid z-way-server startup problems
 - Enable RSSI check only if implemented
 - ZWave
   - ZWave module specific files are now per instance
   - Replaced global vars by local
   - Better Z-Wave Binding restart code to try 10 times
   - Save old color for switchRGBW in vdev, save old level for switchMultilevel (probeType: switchColor_soft_white, _cold_white, _red, _green, _blue)
 - Load Cron as first module, to allow cronjob in ZWave module
 - Add app MobileAppSupport as system-app
 - Add as system-app
 - loadModuleLang refactored
 - Extract unnecessary files from backup file .zab to reduce size
 - Remove deprecated saveNotifications() function

Backend API Changes:
 - Add api to control ntp service
 - certfxAuth api added
 - Move api's zwaveDeviceInfoGet and zwaveDeviceInfoUpdate out of ZWave module into ZAutomation API
 - Vendor db API added

 - authentication added
 - profile management added
 - system/info API adjusted
 - configuration added (ntp, wifi, CIT name, TZ)

Expert UI features:
 - network reorganisation refactored
 - support of probeType GAS and WATER added
 - Progress bar in the firmware update tab.
 - Thermostat SetPoint has step of 0.5 deg
 - Analytics: Zniffer, Background noise, Noise Meter, Zniffer History
 - Settings: Time and date format, Firmware Update, Bug report.
 - Network: Statistics visualization, Link status.

Expert UI fixes:
 - Switches are duplicated.
 - Door lock open status is not shown.
 - Not available selection for two dongles.
 - The wakeup is shown, but device is mains powered.
 - Expert commands with multiple parameters are wrong.
 - Water Meters are not shown in the list of Meters question.
 - Can't configure second parameter.
 - In expert commands SwitchBinary 0 is sent instead of 255.
 - In routing table timestamps are not updated.
 - When I press Update on motion and tamper th clock is not becoming red.
 - F/w update UI is shown, but device don't have FirmwareUpgrade CC.
 - Thermostat widget sends wrong command.

Z-Wave new features:
 - Supervision CC v1
 - CentralScene CC v3 control
 - Meter v4 implemented
 - Z-Way now waits for a reply on each Get - better performance during interview
 - Added SecureInterviewAcceptedWithoutSchemeInherit in Defaults.xml to pass interview as secondary controller even if SchemeInherit was not sent by the controller (for older primary controllers)
 - All new Alarm types and events supported
 - Support for more Sensor Multilevel types
 - Added KeepMeInformedInsteadOfSIS in Defaults.xml to configure to notify on Wakeup Notification
 - Support for 6.71.01 SDK
 - Store securePayload for outgoing packets (for Zniffer)

Z-Wave fixes:
 - Sensor Binary sensorType FF handled.
 - Security CC certification changes
 - A lot of small fixes to pass the latest Z-Wave Certification
 - Ignore control UTF8 chars in strings coming from devices (caused interview loss)
 - Fixed SensorMultilevel to support non-zero scales during interview
 - sync before close
 - Fixed MultiInstance v1 interview

18.04.2017 v2.3.4

 - Meter CC prev value check when delta is 0
 - More robust interview of battery devices (lastSend changed to lastSendInternal)
 - Few minor stability fixes
 - Version Report now contains Host App Version (from Defaults.xml)
 - Spurious ApplicationNodeUpdate NODE_ADD on existing nodes ignored not to reset the interview

13.04.2017 v2.3.3

Fixed problem with login on some platforms (Windows, Z-Box, Ubuntu and few others)

04.04.2017 v2.3.2

UI polishing

27.03.2017 v2.3.1

Home automation backend (v2.3.1)

 - Added Z-Wave module restart after UZB/RaZberry upgrade
 - box reboot refactored
 - controller function - get instances by module name added
 - Factory reset:
   - add controller state check after SetDefault()
   - exclude 'default' from skin uninstaller
   - add null check to storage cleanup
   - add notification
 - saveObject():
   - exclude null entries
 - updateBackendConfig:
   - add transformation that removes 'null' entries from storage content list

 - Fixed crash on title compilation in system with multiple dongles
 - refactor error handling of broken or missing config.json / default-config.json
 - Fixed bug with door lock status not updated

 - User passwords converted to salted hash (sha512)
 - Z-Wave MeterPulse CC support added
 - QR code generation for login credentials added

 - CallForALLNIF API added
 - TestNode API added
 - CheckAllLinks API added
 - RSSIGet API added
 - NetworkReorganization API added
 - GetRorganizationLog API added
 - sendZWayReport API added - sends a report including z-way data and last 1000 lines of z-way-server.log
 - ZWave Backup API enhancement - optional up to latest 20000 lines of z-way-server.log can be added to backup package

   - Added filter for notification level
 - PhilioHW
   - improvements
 - Correct value
   - added

Smart Home UI (v1.7.0)

New features:
 - Finnish translation for UI #214
 - add QRCode for simple Add mobile device login under "My Settings" (prepared for new iOS/Android Apps)

 - Too many icons overflow cookie size #225.
 - fix check of ZMEOpenWRT instance in management view
 - RU translate, some fixes in EN translate
 - added a subvendor check for UZB caps to fix hidden license input
 - disable un/-secure button during auto configuration after inclusion
 - Role USER, LOCAL, ANONYMOUS isn't able to open vDev configuration #215
 - thermostat modal increase/decrease temperature 0.5 steps

Expert UI (v1.3.0)

New features:
 - Progress bar in the  firmware update tab.
 - Thermostat SetPoint has step of 0.5 deg
 - Analytics: Zniffer, Background noise, Noise Meter, Zniffer History.
 - Settings: Time and date format, Firmware Update, Bug report.
 - Network: Statistics visualization, Link status.

 - Firmware update: Target ID as select.
 - Neighbors: Completely refactored.

 - Switches are duplicated.
 - Door lock open status is not shown.
 - Not available selection for two dongles.
 - To wakeup is shown, but device is mains powered.
 - Expert commands with multiple parameters are wrong.
 - Water Meters are not shown in the list of Meters question.
 - Can't configure second parameter.
 - In expert commands SwitchBinary 0 is sent instead of 255.
 - In routing table timestamps are not updated.
 - When I press Update on motion and tamper th clock is not becoming red.
 - F/w update UI is shown, but device don't have FirmwareUpgrade CC.
 - Thermostat widget sends wrong command.

Server (v2.3.1)

 - SDK 6.51.09 and 6.71.00 support added
 - Added LearnDiscover controllerState to trap end of discovery after learn mode. Resetting->Idle change also moved to point after devices discovery is done
 - Scales.xml HTML escape changed to true UTF8 character
 - SDK set to N/A if no Version in NIF
 - ManufacturerSpecific V2 implemented (Serial Report implemented)

 - Very rare deadlock on queueing packets during network management tasks.
 - Few memory leaks fixed
 - Fixed SegFault on z-way halt with pending jobs with callbacks that queue more packets
 - Fixed crash on PowerLevel test to device not present in Z-Way structure
 - Scales.xml HTML escape changed to true UTF8 character
 - Fixed problem with libwebsocket message size limited by one frame (now a message is assembled from multiple frames)
 - Fixed potential AddNodeToNetwork hang on slow UART due to CAN received
 - Changed RemoveNodeFromNetwork, RemoveNodeIdFromNetwork, ControllerChange and CreateNewPrimary like AddNodeToNetwork
 - SendTestFrame improved and HTTP API call added
 - Learn Mode and Controller Shift timeout fixed to 240 sec
 - Added SIGPIPE ignore to prevent Z-Way crash on browser early socket close
 - ReplaceFailed resets isFailed to FALSE to immediately start interview
 - Security abandoned on wrong Scheme and secureControllerId set to 0 on Security abandon
 - PowerLevel wrong report on no frames delivered fixed
 - SwitchColor prevLevel bug fixed
 - NVMGetId fixed

27.01.2017 v2.3.0

Home Automation:

 - Added password field to all modules which use password field
 - pull request #385 from pathec/patch-websocket
 - notification api refactored:
   - prepare redeem and delete of single or more notifications
 - add possibility to redeem or delete already redeemed notifications (via request params)
 - Postfix updated:
   - Philio PST02-5B added
   - Philio PAT02-1A added
   - sensorDiscrete support updated for all CentralScene devices
 - fix debug.console
   - deactivated by default
   - JS/Run/controller.debug=true will activate console.debug output
 - lib file descriptions updated
 - More robust on config.json fault - will use default config.json instead
 - Do not update widgets if type is Invalidated (on Z-Wave Get() commands)

 - add new device type 'sensorDiscrete'
   - n-state vDev for CentralScene CC
   - handles triggered scene in combination with their current key attribute
 - skins api for skins ui feature support:
   - update and install skins from
   - delete and apply skins
   - reset skin
 - custom icons api for custom icons ui feature support:
   - update and install icon packages from
   - upload single icons or custom icon packages locally
   - delete and apply icons
   - icons can be applied depending on device type and there different levels or states
 - cloud backup module for cloud backup ui feature support:
   - only adjustable in SHUI under Configuration > Management > Backup & Restore
   - needs deposited e-mail adress of user (Configuration > My Settings)
   - restricted for admin users only
   - could be triggered manually or automatically by configured schedule
   - limited to 3 backups per box (remote id)
   - a request for you cloud backups will verify your email against and send you a response including accesses to your box backups
   - this feature is OPTIONAL, so you can still use the already existing backup (Configuration > Management > Backup & Restore > Download backup to your computer)
 - prepare set for timezone api
 - prepare ZWaveAPI (ZWaveDeviceInfoGet/ZWaveDeviceInfoUpdate) for DB update of device data
 - under automation/userModules added to allow upload of packed modules (tar.gz) directly from directory by ssh

 - ZMEFirmwareUpgrade:
   - Added a way to flash ZMEFirmware from local file
 - ZMEBootloaderUpgrade:
   - Added a way to flash ZMEBootloader from local file
 - Added Access-Control-Allow-* headers
 - new:
   - ZWaveDeviceInfoGet ... GET
   - ZWaveDeviceInfoUpdate ... GET

ZAutomation API:
 - new:
   - /notifications ... PUT/DELETE
   - /notifications/:notification_id ... PUT/DELETE
   - /skins/tokens ... GET/PUT/DELETE
   - /skins ... GET
   - /skins/install ... POST
   - /skins/update/:skin_id ... PUT
   - /skins/setToDefault ... GET
   - /skins/active ... GET (ANONYMOUS)
   - /skins/:skin_id ... GET/PUT/DELETE
   - /icons ... GET
   - /icons/:icon_id ... DELETE
   - /icons/upload ... POST
   - /icons/install ... PUT
   - /system/timezone ... PUT

 - ImportRemoteHA 2.0.3
   - add functionality to tag all remote widgets
   - enhance url input to add ip adress only (with backward compatibility)
   - bugfix: missing probeType
   - bugfix: vDevs siblings (pull request #393 from xibriz)
   - bugfix: inherit hidden or dectivated state
 - IfThen 2.4.0
   - add support for Color Switch (in targets)
   - add support for type 'sensorDiscrete' (in actions)
   - bugfix: doesn't decide if on/off was triggered - action is still fired
 - ZWave 2.3.0
   - add new device type 'sensorDiscrete'
 - InbandNotifications 1.1.0
   - add support for type 'sensorDiscrete'
   - some refactorings
 - Cron 1.0.0
   - bugfix: initialization
 - PhilioHW (POPP Hub 2)
   - no_breath option and WPS LED indication
   - breath off by default
 - CloudBackup 0.1.2 beta
   - added to automation/modules
 - OpenWeather 1.0.1
   - update open weather url's
 - DummyDevice 1.0.1
   - bugfix: NaN on switchMultilevel initialization

Smart Home UI (v1.6.0)

New features:
 - Cloud Backup: Gives possibility to upload and store your backups on the remote server.
 - Custom icons: Possibility to upload and assign custom icons for devices.
 - Skins: A Skin is a CSS style that allow to change the appearance of the SmartHome UI.
 - New widget type sensorDiscrete: N-State visualisation of CentralScene commands.
 - Apps/Active: Sorting by active/inactive apps.
 - Connection error refactored.
 - Caching online modules.

Expert UI (v1.2.0)

New features:
 - Notifications page.
 - UZB: Button for uploading bootloader/firmware.
 - Interview progress bar.
 - CIT: network name, time format, firmware update, time zone, busy indicator, interview progressbar, network statitstics, primiscuous mode, bug report.
 - Icons in the menu.
 - Enhanced display on mobile devices and tablets.
 - Spinner indicators.

 - Disabling Include into network if SIS.
 - Configuration/Firmware refactored.
 - Languages moved to settings.
 - New page "Settings" added.
 - Network/Control divided into views.
 - Homepage divided into views.
 - Notes saved into data holder.
 - Function runCmd() replaced with the new fn runZwaveCmd().
 - Completely refactored CSS for simpler customizations.
 - Configuration controllers divided in separate files.
 - Folder app/core removed.

 - Can't configure second parameter #174
 - In routing table timestamps are not updated #161
 - LICENSE file missing #213
 - Device counter on the homepage.
 - Disappeared temperature slider #146.

10.11.2016 v2.2.5

 - Some performance enhancements in CommunicationLogger and CommunicationHistory
 - Displays Firmware Update in POPP version

22.10.2016 v2.2.4

New features:
- Postfix new features:
  - a lot of  changes in internal postfix logic
  - new configuration possibilities:
  - change device name, icon, hide or deactivate device, suppress device creation, change configuration or CC data
  - add postfix error messages, postfix.json updated
  - add expertconfig and api ExpertConfigGet + ExperConfigUpdate
  - api's Postfix, PostfixUpdate, PostfixGet, PostfixRemove, PostfixAdd added
- ZAutomation API:
  - allow also req type object as post object in login
  - fix reload of initial getFirstLoginInfo call, add showWelcome entry - affecting (rebootBox, setLogin)
- pull request #342 and #372
- update main.js (//--- Load 3d-party dependencies) for HomeGear support
- Western Digital & Windows builds refreshed
- Instanciating controlled CCs based on NIF and on ZDDX selection (allows early binding on controlled CCs)
- Controlled CCs marked as Secure on first secure command with that class
- New DH bootloaderCRC and firmwareCRC to identify Z-Wave chip bootloader and firmware
- New and for sniffer tool. Now you can see all packets in and out!
- Added callbacks to zway_device_send_nop(). API changed!

- TamperAutoOff: workaround for devices that don't deactivate tamper sensor
- RoundRobinScenes: new param added in config
- LightMotionRockerAutocontrol: some bug fixes and improvements
- Z-Wave binding:
  - Timing statistics changed according to new IMA data
  - Added support for new bootloader and OTW to 6.70 SDK
  - new sensortypes, seismic, acceleration x, y and z added
- IfThen: add Thermostat, SensorMultilevel support
- BindDevices: add thermostat support, change name to Association
- Notification: descriptions adjusted
- AutoLock: pull request #319

- Major Z-Way API (CC and FC) docs update, new PDF published on github

- Z-Wave-Me/zwave-smarthome #190
- ZWave module:
  - Fixed Communication statistics wrong timestamp
  - Fixed non-working blind stop command
  - Fix for: Second Z-Wave module not generate a widgets #369
- bugfix: cannot read data of undefined / null (incomingPacket)
- RemoteAccess: bugfix: wrong ID after changing real ZBW ID.
- ScheduledScene: fixed bug after adding locks to the list of actions
- Backup Profiles.xml + notes.log added, Rules.xml removed
- UserCode hasCode fix
- Fixed CRC16 creation due to CRC error and falsly turning all output to CRC16-encapsulated
- Fixed Security Network Key initialization and prevent from answering on Scheme Get after Secure Inclusion timeout if Z-Way is included
- To early resend of Nonce Get fixed
- Validation of UTF8 string added before storing in DH (solveds problems with Qubino interview not saved)
- Error handling on DevicesData XML save operation - bad data can not kill previous comlete file anymore
- WebSockets connection problems (too early connection fail was not calling onConnect/onError) and DNS Lookup hangs fixed
- Freq change response fixed
- Fix possible crash on free of NULL data holder strings
- Mongoose utils bug with double Content-Length fixed
- Fixed callback handler execution for Secure jobs (fixed too early remove of original jobs)
- Fixed AddNodeToNetwork and RemoveNodeFromNetwork callback problems.
- According to Sigma any inclusion controller (means isPrimary == TRUE) should initiate secure interview. SecureInterviewAsInclusionController added to Defaults.xml
- After becoming SIS we will assume we can speak securely with other devices

12.07.2016 v2.2.3

New features:
- Added an indicator for local apps with instance.
- Added status info in Device Battery Management #119.

- Apps: Display warning message if installed app is the singelton and already has an instance.
- New mongoose 6.4 webserver. Fix various issues with HTTP Chunked responces.
- Fix non working increase / decrease command in ZAutomation API
- Fix non loaded modules - double load
- Fix 'cannot read property meta of undefined' in module initialization
- Minor refactoring of namespace generator
- Refactored Z-Wave device management.
- Improve handling of min/max values for multilevel knob widget.
- Added ZAutomation API call /system/info
- Language updated

Devices support:
- Fibaro Swipe (4 scenes)
- Philio devices: PST02-5C Door Sensor, PST02-5B Motion Sensor, PAT02-5C Flood Sensor, PSG01 Smoke Sensor

- ScheduledScene: added locks support and send Action function
- ZWave: alarm probeTypes changed, tamper probe type added, renamed 'door' probe type into 'door-window'
- LightMotionRockerAutocontrol module added

Command Classes:
- SimpleAVControl UI added in expert commands. Remotec ZXT-310 supported.
- UserCode hasCode meaning fixed
- Documentation added for all Command Classes
- Association, MCA: Set SIS into LifeLine in addition to ourself to fit Z-Wave Plus requirement
- FirmwareUpdate Fragment size moved into Defaults.xml (to handle OTA for buggy devices)
- Added DeviceRelaxDelay to Defaults.xml to allow configuration to work with slow devices that don't pass interview (like some Vision, Remotec ZXT-310...)

11.04.2016 v2.2.2

New features:
- Reset to factory default (load default config, clear storage and userModules, set z-Way controller back to factory default, logout if succesful).
- Reset single device histories.
- Backup / restore of userModules added (Internet connection necessary).
- Welcome widget removed from default configs.

- CodeDevice typo.
- Callback execution error after calling a non existing/registered api.
- Added correct encoding in backup.
- Updating user profiles.
- Issues with set() of virtual devices.
- Too many bindings problem fixed for Alarm CC.
- More error messages internationalized.

Command Classes:
- Removed Basic CC from NIF, Secure NIF and Channel NIF to fit Z-Wave Plus (new in Z-Wave Plus specification).
- MaxCmd in MultiCmd changed to 3 (thanks to buggy Danfoss RS).
- Security Scheme Report value ignored according to spec change (new due to Z-Wave S2).
- MultiChannelAssociation bit address fixed.
- MultiChannelAssociation and Association are now limited by max together (sum of both groups) (clarified in Z-Wave specification).
- Association Remove group=0 fixed according to spec (clarified in Z-Wave specification).

New Command Classes:
- SimpleAVControl

Stability and security fixes:
- Better error handling of broken instances.
- Re-initialization of module refactored:
  - for better error handling
  - instances will be filtered and removed first
  - the module reloaded and all instances created again
  - user will get error output in events
  - instances will not be recreated, if something has broken
- Version handling added, to check which installed App needs to be prefered (already preinstalled apps with higher version have priority).
- Description and instances entries of default configs updated.
- Don't backup/restore notifications.
- instantiateModules() refactored - depending on their dependencies.
- Refactoring creating user profiles.
- Send device in sleep right after inclusion (to save battery).
- Fix bug with keepAwake false on interview force.

API changes:
- Fixed Z-Way to start secure interview if Primary (no SIS) or if SIS itself.
- zway.SetLearnMode and controller.SetLearnMode are back to prior to v2.2.0 syntax with true/false parameter. NWI is handled under the hood.
- Object moduleCategories removed from config.
- Reverted this feature "Request NIF for devices that do not have a valid NIF after loading" (introduced in v2.2.1) due to conflict with Security.
- Added Function Class ExploreRequestInclusion (used internally in SetLearnMode).
- Setting probeType refactored (moved completely in to ZWave module).
- Remove old logic: Ignore SwitchBinary if SwitchMultilevel exists.

- SecurityMode: event 'SecurityMode.alert' added by MarioGravel.
- LightScene: Lock support added + minor enhancements.
- RoundRobin: update on itself to allow catching own events.
- RemoteAccess: refactored.
- DeviceHistory: refactored (new handling for scenes, switchControl added).

Debugging tools:
- Debug function zway_fc_application_command_handler_inject (zway.InjectPacket) to inject packet from any device like incoming from Z-Wave.
- Debug zway.SendDataSecure to allow sending commands using Security CC (like zway.SendData but with security forced).
- Default config in automation/defaultConfigs/config.json for factory reset. Can be used to revert to factory default after screwing up.

18.02.2016 v2.2.1

- Enhanced display on mobile devices and tablets.
- Added the ability to customize the device from Devices/Manage.
- Backup and restore.
- Redirect to the APP detail after module instalation.
- Rating, download counter and comments of the Apps.
- Improved modal windows and dropdowns.
- Remember me checkbox on the login page.
- Sorting Elements by title, newest....
- Added icon to deveices list in Events.
- Added stop button to blinds.

Expert UI:
- Network/Controller: Firmware Update page for RaZberry.
- Size of UI optimized.

New features:
- Request NIF for devices that do not have a valid NIF after loading.

- Cannot add email address to user #90
- Climate Control widget displays the correct values.
- List elements error #82.
- Can not install user module from store #87.
- Fixed redirect after post/put a local app.
- Elements are completely refactored.
- Replaced Bootstrap modal windows and dropdowns with Angular.
- Fix zway.devices[X].instances.length problem

Stability and security fixes:
- Fixed SegFault on non-existing CC inside MultiChannel.
- Fixed rare packet buffer corruption.
- Fixed devices data loss on bad data from UZB/RaZberry.
- Backup/restore problems fixed.
- Mark CC in channel as secure if this CC on instance[0] is secure

API changes:
- Authentication process with Secure Login.
- Replaced http protocol with https for external APIs.
- Enable SIS on secondary controller after exclusion

12.12.2015 v2.2.0

- Initial page forces to change default password and add email for password recovery. Password recovery by mail.
- New design for RGB color picker.
- Redesign of Dimmer Element. Has now 3 buttons for off, on/last state, on/full state.
- Events can now be filtered on any device.
- New design on Setup Menu, all Management functions are in single menu element shortening the menu.
- New design for device management. EnOcean UI is only shown if Enocean is active, Setup and Management for all different technologies is unified now.
- Z-Wave management now allows to remove Z-Wave device, either by Exclusion or by Removing a failed node.
- New Info Page gives valuable data for support.
- Dashboard Message improved if dashboard is still empty.
- New design for all elements. They now show the room they are assigned to plus measured values are much larger.
- Description of the bug report function added.
- Menu icons for Elements and Rooms are twisted.
- Whole new design of App store.
  - Now App store is open for third parties.
  - Allow update and delete of apps.
  - Apps are now grouped by theme.
  - Its possible to access private apps using token string.
  - New section "featured" for the most important apps.
- Newly created elements are color marked to find them better.
- New Icons for Thermostats and different other sensor values.
- Elements are now ordered by name.
- Plenty of changes to adapt to different mobile device screen sizes.
- All devices now belong to a room. There is a wildcard room for devices not assigned yet.

Expert UI:
- Showing current license in Expert UI.
- Description of different colors in routing table.
- Complete redesign of Association Settings page.
- Redirection to login page if accessed directly without login.

New features:
- Added support for WebSocket client and server (not on all platforms yet).
- notification2ext modules added to save notifications on external flash.
- Asynchronous DNS resolver for http and sockets not to block JS (not on all platforms yet).
- Support SendData to broadcast (node 255).
- Added JS functions for AssignReturnRoute, AssignSUCReturnRoute, DeleteReturnRoute.

- Restore functionality fixed. Make sure to update bootloader and firmware to 5.04 on UZB and RaZberry before running restore!!!
- Conforms with latest Z-Wave Plus updated specification.
- Fixed missing scales problem for Multilevel Sensors.
- New scales added for Multilevel Sensors.
- Fix incomplete read issue in system() API function.
- Print module js file:line info when compilation error occurs.
- Fixed SerialAPI AddNodeToNetwork and RemoveNodeFromNetwork callback mess. Need firmware 5.04 on UZB and RaZberry.
- ReplaceFailedNode restarts full interview including Security interview.
- ZMEFreqChange current frequency detection bug fixed.
- Compatibility: allow setTimeout(fn, 0) which is used sometimes for deferred callbacks.
- Fixed output of SDK version name of devices and RaZberry/UZB.
- Remote Access rare problems fixed.
- All device are now grouped by namespaces to allow easy selection in App settings.
- OpenWeather now with API Key (according to changed of the service).

New Command Classes:
- MultiChannel v4, MultiChannelAssociation v3, Association v2 support
- ThermostatSetPoint v3

Stability and security fixes:
- More stable interview with Security on slow hardware
- Few potential crash situations fixed

API changes:
- zway.SetLearnMode and controller.SetLearnMode parameter can now be 0, 1 and 2 to support NWI Learn Mode. See docs.
- lastExcludedDevice is now updated AFTER device complete removal and is now also updated in RemoveFailed success callback.

04.09.2015 v2.1.1

Command Classes:
- MCAv3 implementation added.
- Updated CC implementation to the latest Z-Wave standards.

New features:
- Frequency request from Z-Wave.Me stick and RaZberry.
- Authentication added to all HTTP requests.
- Device specific fixes applied to device fix minor non-interoperability.
- Add updateOnAction and skipEventIfSameValue flags to HTTPDevice and CodeDevice
- SwitchMultilevel value is repeatedly requested every 2 seconds until value stops changing.

- loadObject problem fixed on Windows.
- getsockname (detection of own IP) fixed.
- Allow named access to command classes even without public functions (like CentralScene or Security).
- Fix inf and nan problem in JSON - now they are null.
- CentralScene added to controller default to allow catch them on controller.
- zway_queue_inspect() call made public.
- NoOperation now is now issuing an isFailed after undelivered packet and it is sent only once to battery devices (to mark as failed).
- Many fixes in EnOcean.
- Show only devices from allowed rooms (don't show unallocated devices),
- Fixed authentication problems with and local user.
- Removed status field from modules.
- Fix devices update problem in ZAutomation API.
- Warning (255) battery values mapped to 0
- Fixed Thermostat F scale problem
- LogicalRules Switch on/off action fixed
- Sonos, RGB, SecurityMode modules fixed

- Easy installation of new modules from online store.
- Thermostats and A/C widgets fixed.
- Many improvements in Smart Home UI and Expert UI.

28.06.2015 v2.0.1

Command Classes:
- MultiCmd MaxNum changed to 6

New Command Classes:
- MultiChannel v4 support

Stability and security fixes:
- Don't allow to call secure commands unsecurely.
- Fix Security Scheme Inherit.
- Fix timers issue when clock is adjusted.
- Fix some non-blocking socket issues in sockets.
- Check if device still exists after SendData callback.
- Prevent segfault when unsubscribing data holder callback from within itself
- Restore function on 6.51.03 works again

New features:
- Add remote peer info in WebServer.

- Remote access management added to Home Automation UI.
- Removed UI selector page, access is possible via direct link or Info Widget

29.05.2015 v2.0.1-rc33

Command Classes:
- Make Basic CC mandatory in Secure NIF too
- MultCmd set maxNum in Defaults.xml.
- Ignore supported reports for already interviewed
- SensorBinary/SensorMultilevel command classes (to fix phantom sensors).
- Add 10 sec grace period for SensorMultilevel v1-4 when new sensor types are still accepted.
- Support rfStateCap == 0 in Protection CC to correctly handle devices with no RF protection.
- Update event type parent DH for Alarm/AlarmSensor CC when receiving event reports.

New Command Classes:
- MultiChannel v4 fallback support (supported as v3).

- Fix timers and queue hangs issue when clock is adjusted too much.
- Fix Security scheme inherit logic.
- Fix Alarm v3 event type mask bug.
- Make saveObject() atomic.
- Fix Version CC segfault on version change
- Workaround for devices not removing Security from NIF in usecure inclusion.

Home Automation:
- Notification CC (Alarm v3) renders vDev
- Added Sonos and GlobalCache modules
- Users management and authentication added

New features:
- Made queuing a bit faster: do not NACK job when received SOF while awaiting for ACK, CAN problem fixed.
- JavaScript sockets module now supports non-blocking, asynchronous, multicast, broadcast and reusable sockets.
- JavaScript XML module namespaces support added in findOne/findAll.
- Added possibility to write own V8 extensions. Sample code here:
- Added processPendingCallback() call in JS code (to keep callbacks working while handling slow code in JS).
- Add UZB driver to Windows installer

- Removed Z-Way HA UI and Blue UI.
- Made new Smart Home UI as default HA.

03.02.2015 v2.0.1-rc15

Z-Wave Plus certified for US (Certification Number ZC10-15010005).

Support for UZB1 added. Require additional license from (not finished yet !!!!!!).

From now Windows is maintained as well.

Command Classes:
- FirmwareUpdate progress added.
- ThermostatSetPoint v3 thermostat modes added.
- ManufacturerSpecific v2 implemented.

New Command Classes:
- MeterPulse
- BarrierOperator
- Hail (used to bypass Lutron patent in some old US devices).

New features:
- Added crypto module to JavaScript: crypto.sha256() and others (see docs).
- Added sockets module to control third party devices via TCP and UDP (like Global Cache or Sonos).
- Allow multi-level form serialization in http.request().
- Add support for HTTP compression of JS responses.
- Serve first pre-gzipped static files if present.
- Sort devices with equal probing score alphabetically (in GuessXML).

- Queueing made more stable. Sleeping secure devices managed better.
- Interview made more stable:
  - does not restart on Wakeup Notification from the device.
  - continue interview on device wakeup.
  - fixed problems with not all sensors rendered for SensorBinary V2.
- Restore fixed on UZB1 and 5th gen RaZberry
- Fixed issue with detached threads in http module.
- Proxy can handle URLs with &. Used for some cameras.
- Adopted latest changes in Apple HomeKit.
- Encoding problems with Unicode in JS API.
- Fixed problem with CRC16 and MultiCmd rendered due to corrupted packets from RF.
- Fixed problem with wrong version of Command Class rendered during interview.
- Fix problems caused by ether noise: ignore supported reports for already interviewed command classes.
- Stability fixes.

Home Automation:
- Support for AlarmSensor (used in Fibaro devices and some others) in HA UI.
- Logical Rules module can be triggered by scenes (not only by device change as previously).

- Localization added. You can translate Z-Way Homa Automation in your language in automation/lang/ and automation/modules/*/lang/.
- RGB (SwitchColor CC) added to Z-Wave binding
- Many small improvements in Expert UI
- Small fixes in HA UI

API changes:
- SwitchColor CC now have new dataholder structure (same as other CCs with scales and types)
- Added _ prefix to functions from z-commons library bytes_to_* and *_to_bytes to minimize risk of overload by user functions.
- WebSocket API changed: event type added. Server can filter events based on this type before sending to clients.

21.11.2014 v2.0.0

Z-Wave Plus certified for EU (Certification Number ZC10-14110009).
Z-Way can work as primary and as secondary controller (to work with other Z-Wave controllers).
A lot of improvements and stability fixes.

Command Classes:
 - SensorMultilevel will not create phantom sclaes anymore
 - Alarm v2 fixed
 - MultiCmd adopted to fix DLC 13 problem
 - Security implements inclusion timers for secure inclusion
 - SwitchBinary and SwitchMultilevel can now work as device
 - NodeNaming UTF16 fixed
 - MultiChannel Find Instance implemented
 - AGI bugs fixed
 - Association/MultiChannelAssociation autoconfig logic changed
 - PowerLevel support added

New features:
 - Completely new software structure
 - HomeKit preliminary support. Waiting for apps in AppStore
 - Proxy implemented in the engine to pass thru WebCams and other content via
 - Websockets support
 - Syslog logging support added on Unix/Linux platforms
 - Add diagnostic messages in case of data access without a lock (for libzway users)
 - Support for new 5th gen UZB dongle and RaZberry (AutoFlashAutoProg, NMV, RFPowerLevel, SendTestFrame functions added)

New Command Classes:
 - Proprietary for few devices on the market using it

Minor changes in the API:
 - FirmwareUpdate dataholders renamed
 - New controller state Resetting assigned during reset to factory process (
 - Replace python-style DataHolders type names in ZDDX and JS:
    - "NoneType" changed to "empty"
    - "str" changed to "string"
    - "str[]" changed to "string[]"
 - Data Holder JS property name is now hidden and is not returned in JS output neither in /ZWaveAPI/Data/
 - Data Holders C API changes: all "zway_data_*(zway," should be changed to "zdata_*("
 - Changed format of config.xml file and command line parameters. Now all Z-Wave related data moved into appropriate JS module
 - Functions loadJSON(), saveJSON() and similar moved to fs.loadJSON(), added fs.load() to load any file as string

 - SUC/SIS handling enhanced
 - Works perfectly as secondary controller
 - PowerLevel full support on 5th gen dongles/RaZberries
 - AddNodeToNetwork and RemoveNodeFromNetwork cancel hang fixed
 - Max packet size handling enhanced
 - Answer-as-requested policy implemented to conform Z-Wave Plus (for Security/MultiCmd/CRC16)
 - zway.bind with EnumerateExisting fixed
 - RemoveFailedNode and ReplaceFailedNode timeout rised

 - New Expert UI. Old Blue UI kept as second option.
 - Communication statistics added for more network debugging
 - New HA UI improved, more modules added

About New Expert UI:
 - More installer friendly
 - Works perfectly on tablets
 - Multi Channel Associations can be set in a user friendly way like simple Associations
 - Communication Statistics for advanced analysis of network stability
 - Map removed from this UI
 - Firmware Upgrade support

WebServer features:
 - It is possible to run many WebServers on different port with different API and handlers
 - Proxy support: webserver.proxify(url, target, [user, passwd]) creates transparent redirect
 - WebSockets clients can receive notification from WebServer via webserver.push(obj) method

26.07.2014 v1.7.2

Fixes and improvements:
 - Fix auth parameter in http.request()
 - Small Z-Way C core fixes and improvements
 - MeterTableMonitor historical data storage fix
 - Fix various minor issues in JS code
 - Fix DH deletion notification for array values
 - Fix memory leak in ZXmlDocument.findOne() and deviceTypeString
 - HTTP module: force adding content type for POST requests if not specified
 - Do not perform url encoding on http headers
 - Added optional timeout (ms) parameter to ZHttp
 - Correctly output JS functions as strings when returning from /JS/Run/func
 - Fix data holder value setter to work for both "dh.value=xxx" and "dh=xxx"

New features:
 - New UI selector
 - Function classed for NVM operations for 5th gen dongles (for 6.5x SDK)

Command Classes:
 - CentralScene: respond to supported get, return number of scenes from config
 - Time: respond with real time offset information, handle time offset report
 - ClimateControlSchedule: added Override Get/Set
 - Add UserCode SetRaw method for devices pretending user code to be binary.

Minor change in the API:
 - givenName added to device dataholder to store names in Expert UI (for future use)
 - User Code data holder type now depends on actual code data (bnary or string)
 - Always read user code payload if present (even if status is 0)

18.06.2014 v1.7.1

Fixes and improvements:
 - Fix memory leak in http.request().
 - Fix issues with too many threads created by many http.request().
 - Make v8 debugger not to crash on ZXmlNode objects and on CC access.
 - Minor fix of UserCode clear.
 - Delivery statistics not recorder for encapsulated packets (only for physicaly sent).
 - z-cfg-update can now convert from very config starting from v1.2.
 - Improve experience with modern secure door locks inclusion.
 - Limited callbacks count on DataHolder from JS not to overkill the server from JS and to easily find bugs in JS code.
 - DataHolder callback with notifications for child events fixed.

New features:
 - Experimental: v8 remote debugging!

 The debugger is enabled by setting V8_DEBUG environment variable and uses port 8183 (base port + 100).
 Then you can connect either with d8 (./d8 --remote_debugger --debugger_port=8183) or with node-inspector --debug-port 8183.

23.05.2014 v1.7.0

Fixes and improvements
 - Check connectivity button fixed (NoOperation is not removed by Force Interview now).
 - Mark Failed Node and Remove Failed Node not always working fixed.
 - Blue UI fixes.
 - A lot small bugs fixed...

New Command Classes:
 - PowerLevel
 - Version V2
 - FirmwareUpdate
 - ZWave+ Info
 - AssociationGroupInformation
 - DeviceResetLocally
 - CRC16
 - SwitchColor
 - CentralScene

Minor change in the API:
 - Controlled only Command Classes are now also saved on server stop and loaded on starup. Allows to bind to dataholders on controlled Command Classes.
 - Added .supported datholder to all Command Classes data.
 - Battery level 255 is now mapped to 0 (so, 255 will be never seen from now).
 - Defaults.xml format changed!!!
 - xxxxxxxx-DevicesData.xml changed a bit. Added z-cfg-update utility to update xxxxxxxx-DevicesData.xml to the new format.
 - Timeouts rised for AddNodeToNetwork and RequestNodeNeighbourUpdate functions.

New features:
 - Log JavaScript files and lines on exceptions for easier debug.
 - Log possible exceptions in HTTP.
 - Open serial port exclusively to prevent multiple Z-Way or some other software running in parallel.
 - Added secureInclusion for unsecure interview (set it to false to include device insecurely)
 - Keepalive enabled in Z-Way HTTP server
 - Z-Wave+ Associations made only to Life Line group #1
 - SensorMultilevel new types implemented.
 - Blue UI ZDDX Create button.
 - Remote Access and 8084 port for maintainance added to the distribution.

13.02.2014 v1.5.0-rc1

New features:
 - XML parser in JavaScript with XPath (ZXmlDocument JS object).
 - HTTP network operations implemented in JavaScript (http JS object).
 - Basic, SwitchBinary and SwitchMultilevel Set events to controller now have srcInstance and srcNode to distinguish sender.

Fixes and improvements:
 - Works now on new Raspbian based on 3.10.x kernels too.
 - Better network management for large networks.
 - Minimize packets flow with Secure nodes (might not work with ald Kwikset doorlock).
 - Better packet flow for sleeping secure devices.
 - Alarm and UserCode CC minor fixes.
 - Basic->SensorBinaryV1 mapping fixed.
 - Backup/Restore SDK names fixed.

Minor change in the API:
 - bind() now returns just bound function instead of undefined
 - Basic dataholders lastset and mylevel removed.
 - SwitchBinary level dataholder made boolean.

23.10.2013 v1.4.1

New Command Classes are implemented:
 - Alarm CC V1-3 supported (no expert UI yet).
 - MeterTable CC V2 supported (no expert UI yet).

Minor change in the API:
 - SwitchBinary Set value is now boolean.

New features:
 - Communication statistics gathered in devices[N].data.lastPacketInfo

 - Sensor Binary fixed to receive changes from devices
 - Some fixes in the blue UI
 - Minor bug fixes

24.09.2013 v1.4

All available UIs are shipped included now. Go to /index.html page to select a UI:
 - future UI (in development)
 - current UI (old blue for experts)
 - old jQuery mobile UI

New Command Classes are implemented:
 - ApplicationStatus
 - DoorLockLogging
 - Indicator
 - Meter v3
 - Protection v1 & v2
 - ScheduleEntryLock
 - SensorBinary v2
 - SensorConfiguration
 - ThermostatFanMode
 - ThermostatFanState
 - ThermostatOperatingState v2
 - TimeParameters

Home automation engine poject started (code in development, stored on

Important API changes:
 - loadJSON function added to API to allow load a file from program folder.
 - Command Class SensorBinary data tree has changed. Now it contains sensor types like SensorMultilevel.
 - SwitchMultilevel commands SetWithDuration and StartLevelChangeWithDuration are removed (Set and StartLevelChange should be used).
 - SwitchMultilevel Set/StartLevelChange are always with duration in C.
 - New ChildCreated event on dataholder added to trap new child node cration.
 - New JavaScript methods: fs.list(dir) and fs.stat(file).

 - ThermostatSetPoint, SensorMultilevel, Meter UserCode improved, some minor problems fixed.
 - Full RF power during inclusion/exclusion is restored.
 - Thermostat temperature C/F conversion fixed (mostly for US products)

Other features:
 - New V8 engine is used for better stability and performance. The code was reworked a lot to become faster and more stable.
 - Better logging with log levels (check config.xml).

NB! You need to force interview for all devices with SensorBinary and SensorMultilevel Command Classes.
Go to Device Configuration tab, toggle Expert mode (bottom right corner) and press Force Interview under Advanced actions cut link.

NB! After backup & restore process it is recommended to re-install Z-Way (using same command as to install it).
Otherwise it might not run next time after restore. (due to old config/Defaults.xml comming from old package).

19.05.2013 v1.3.1

New feature:
 - Backup/Restore implemented. You can restore config files only or full Z-Wave topology.

17.05.2013 v1.3

New features and improvements:
 - Full Security support with all certified locks (tested with Kwikset, Vision Security, Yale)
 - Communications with Danfoss living connect tuned to stop battery drain by the thermostat (full re-inclusion is required to heal Danfoss living connect!).
 - Better performance and memory footprint. We have made major refactor of our Z-Wave engine to make it faster and more memory efficient!
 - Better queue handling for failed nodes preventing them from blocking the full queue. Now even unpowered or failed devices in your network will not affect user experience anymore.
 - Added public method in C and JS API to check if command class is supported.
 - Release information stored in Z-Way library.

New Command Classes:
 - MultiChannel v3
 - SceneActivation
 - SceneControllerConf
 - SceneActuatorConf
 - Clock
 - Time

Bug fixes:
 - fix of system() call in JavaScript
 - UserCode.Set()
 - crash on broadcast Basic.Set
 - potential problems with Add/RemoveNodeFromNetwork/ControllerChange/CreateNewPrimary/RemoveFailedNode Function Calls.

Changes in frontend:
 - Translations to Spanish, Russia, Deutsch. We will appreciate your help to translate our UI to your language.
 - Thermostat UI fixed.

Major changes in software design:
 - devices[x].data.ZDDXMLLang and devices[x].data.ZDDXML removed: client must load the file called devices[x].data.ZDDXMLFile.value from the backend and parse the language content.

!NB Some devices might require interview force to show properly Expert Commands and configuration parameters!

29.03.2013 v1.2

New Command Classes:
 - SenorMultilevel V5 support (NB! Structure of SenorMultilevel data holder changed for all versions of this Command Class)

New features:
 - /ZWaveAPI/Run/[...].data.[...] now returns dataholder tree in same structure as /ZWave/Data/[...]
 - shortcuts for CCs on device and instance in JS syntax: you can now write devices[5].Basic.Set(255) instead of devices[5].instances[0].commandClasses.Basic.Set(255) - both "commandClasses" and "instanes[0]" can be omitted

 - Unnecessary Command Classes on devices removed
 - Queue handling after restart
 - Line endings in ZDDX that caused UI to stop working
 - More sanity checks to prevent crashes

04.03.2013 v1.1

New features:
 - Z-Wave secure door locks support

New Command Classes:
 - Security
 - DoorLock
 - UserCode

New methods in JavaScript to make more fun with JS. See documentation on documentation RaZberry page.
Minor bug fixes.